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Wedding same day as brother's birthday?

I really have my heart set on this reception venue I found last weekend. Problem is, the only date available is the same day as my brother's birthday!

Everyone is telling me to just go ahead and book it, but I'm not sure I want to have to share my wedding anniversary every year with my brother's birthday. Thoughts?

Re: Wedding same day as brother's birthday?

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    [QUOTE]I really have my heart set on this reception venue I found last weekend. Problem is, the only date available is the same day as my brother's birthday! Everyone is telling me to just go ahead and book it, but I'm not sure <strong>I want to have to share my wedding anniversary every year with my brother's birthday.</strong> Thoughts?
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    What is wrong with celebrating two lovely milestones on the same day? I frankly think that you're overthinking this. 

     FWIW:  While your anniversary will be, and should be, important to the two of you, it won't be a huge deal to everyone else. 
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  • I don't really understand why this is even an issue.  I could care less if any of my friends and/or family had their wedding anniversary on my birthday.
  • The only person whose opinion really matters on this is your brother.  Did you ask him?  Some people think their bday is the best day ever, so if he's one of those people he might not be keen on the idea.  I would personally not care, but he very well might.
  • i dont see any issue here


  • Just ask him.  Seriously.  The date we were looking at was the day after my brother and sister's birthday, and since they live OOT it meant they would have to travel on their birthday.  I asked them before we booked, neither one cared.  We had birthday cake at the RD.
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  • My mom and dad got married on my grandfather's birthday.  It has never been an issue.  I say go for the date as long as your brother is ok with it.
  • I'm getting married on Lance Armstrong's birthday and he doesn't seem to mind...

    If your brother has an issue with it, he shouldn't. It's not a national holiday, the world does not revolve around him and wedding and birthdays are two different things.

    You can, as a pp mentioned, have bd cake at the RD...

    but honestly, the venue is ONLY available on that ONE day?

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  • If your family is half the size of ours then this is inevitable.  No matter what day we chose ti would be on someone's birthday, anniversary, or what we ended up with - the anniversary of my grandfather's passing. 

    I went to a wedding on my birthday this year.  It was fun.  I got to eat cake, dance, and have a few free drinks...  not a bad way to celebrate. 

    As long as your brother doesn't mind, then this isn't a problem. 
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  • Most adults don't really celebrate birthdays on their actual birthday anyway; they wait for the weekend, and, since there are only 365 days in the year, you are bound to be getting married on someone's birthday.
  • I would book it, my brother got married on my birthday :)  
  • I say talk to your brother about it.  I don't think sharing an anniversary is as bad as the actual wedding detracting from his day.  One of our groomsmen's birthday was on the day of our wedding.  We left a card on his plate and after we had cut the cake, he popped a candle in, lit it, and took a pic.  You could also have your dj play a birthday song or lead the guests in "Happy Birthday" to honor him.  I think that you will find most people are willing to sacrifice their plans for your big day since it only comes once in a lifetime.
  • I guess talk to your brother, but I never understood making a big deal out a birthdays, maybe just because I'm the quieter type. It would be really sweet if you had a cake or even a cupcake and sang for him at your reception.

    Yeah, I don't know how you plan on celebrating birthdays and anniversaries as you get older. But my parents just get cards/calls, from other family members on their anniversary, if that.
  • Thanks so much for the insight everyone, I'm feeling better about things. October 15, 2011, here we come!
  • You know your families relationship better....while my brother and I are not super close my FI and I nixed one weekend because the rehersal would fall on his 25th bday.  He probably doesn't know I did that, and if I had asked him he probably would have said he didn't care. 

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  • we are having are wedding on the same day as my finance's sisters birthday. Its a milestone birthday for her (25). It was the only weekend available for us, so we asked her and it was fine. In fact, she was honored and excited about it. I know many other friends who have done the same, and in each case, the siblings felt very special. We plan on mentioning her birthday and possibly singing to her at our reception. But overall, we are just glad to both be sharing our special days with each other.
  • my wedding day was the same day as my brother in laws birhtday and a close friend of mine....
    they didnt mind much.
    my friend had a little get together at her house the night before and at the wedding she told me thanks for having such a big party for my birthday.
    it was funny.

    if you feel bad you can include him in the day, like get a little cake for him and have them play/sing happy borthday and have him blow out the candles during the reception.

    my BIL didnt mind much.

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  • My cousin's wedding was the same day as my uncle's birthday, which was kind of appropriate since he was such an important part of her life growing up.  An announcement was made by the emcee, and all 220 guests spontaneously broke out into "happy birthday to you."  It was very sweet and completely unplanned.  Some of the best memories of any wedding are the ones we don't orchestrate.

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