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Are kegs tacky for the reception??

I am having a semi-formal reception in a reception hall.  Due to a tight budget, I am trying to figure out the most cost-effective way to purchase and serve alcohol at the reception.  We are having wine and beer only...I am thinking that having someone pour and serve the drinks behind a bar would make it less tacky (instead of just putting it out in the middle of the reception room like a keg party!).  What do you all think?  I would love any feedback =)
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Re: Are kegs tacky for the reception??

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    As long as they're behind the bar, I don't think anyone will even notice that it's from kegs, and they're very cost-effective.  I would make sure you're hiring a licensed bartender to serve rather than having a friend do it.  You can always hire someone off Craigslist, shouldn't be too expensive.
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    We're doing the same thing! Beer and wine only and beer will be in kegs. We'll have bartenders serving. I don't think it's tacky at all - nobody will really care whether it comes from a keg or a long as someone is serving it for them.
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    We are doing wine and beer only as well. It never crossed my mind that someone would htink its tacky to have the bartender serve from a keg. Bartenders serve from the tap all the time at bars.. this would be no different except the nozzle doesn't have a big logo handle on it.
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    As long as the bartender is handling the keg and just giving the guest a glass of beer, it's fine.

    Draft beer in restaurants is just a keg with a nice looking tap. 
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    If it is behind the bar, I don't see how it's an issue. People will realize that it is from a keg since they aren't getting it from an individual bottle. However, make sure that you comply with the laws in your area regarding alcohol distribution. Many places require you to have a licenced bartender with insurance on site and won't allow just anyone you choose to serve it, because otherwise you will be held fully liable if anything happens to anyone, whether at the wedding or on their way home.
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    It only get frat party-ish if the guests have to serve themselves from the keg. Put the keg behind a bar/table so it's not just sitting in the middle of the room and hire a bartender to pour. But a keg in itself is fine.
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    As long as the beer isn't served in red plastic cups, it isn't tacky!
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    Kegs are fine, but have someone serve versus a do it yourself service.  This keeps people from congregating at the kegs and it limits the alcohol consumption.
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