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We're having an open bar, but have some featured wines and a signature beer, and signature cocktail. I'm having something printed to sit on the bar so guests know what these featured beverages are, but I wanted some opinions on wording. "Featured Libations" or "Featured Drinks" or simply "Cheers!". It really doesn't make much of a difference, but I can't decide. Or if there are any other suggestions, I'd appreciate it :) Also, I don't want to give the impression that these are the only offerings - like I said, there's a top shelf open bar. Should I mention this on the card, or just let people figure that out?

Re: Bar "Menu"

  • If you go with a bar "menu" I'd just go with "Signature Libations" in a fairly large print and then "Or name your own poison!" in smaller print beneath it.  

    What I'd personally do though, is skip the drink menu but have the waiters walk around with trays passing the signature cocktails. 
  • Is the bar fully stocked? Or did you choose which alcohols people can pick from? We're doing open bar as well, but our hall is a byo so we have to supply the bar. This makes it easier to make a sign because we can list all the alcohols available as well as whatever our specialty drinks will be.

    If it's a fully stocked open bar, than I would go with something like "The bride and groom's picks" and then list them. It's a spin on drink specials and it sort if implies that you have decided to feature some items that people may not be aware of.
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