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Seating chart help!

My mom is pretty open about having open seating at the reception, which is on the smaller side roughly 80 people. I am so determined to have at least assigned table, to help organize people and limit the number of extra tables we would need with an open floor plan. I know that since she is paying she has say, but I can't help feel that this is just a cluster waiting to happen. What are some of the perks of open seating/ reserved seating??

Re: Seating chart help!

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    I hate open seating.  I guess it might encourage more mingling...  But it's usually more expensive and I think a lot of people like being directed to a specific table so it isn't as much of a high school cafeteria feeling where you want to sit with the cool kids.
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    I have mixed feelings about open seating.  My brother had a small wedding (about 40 people) and chose open seating.  It was great that we got to mingle with my new sister-in-law's family, but my sister-in-law's aunt didn't get to sit at the same table as her husband because they were the last few to sit down.  It wasn't that big of a deal, but reserved seating can help avoid conflict if guests who don't get along will be attending.  I think your idea of assigned tables solves most of those problems, though!
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    In Response to Re:Seating chart help!:[QUOTE]I don't like open seating. People jockey for seats near the front, when it can be awkward of you have all the people least likely to dance around the dance floor. And if you have a few guests that might know anyone else, it's nice to put them with people with whim they'll have something in common.

    I've been to weddings before where I'm the only friend from college or work. It's awkward to walk up to strangers and say "can I sit with you?" Posted by TXKristan[/QUOTE]
    Yup, everything here.

    I feel like I'm back in school trying to find a seat in the cafeteria. Never fun.
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    Open seating is evil. /bangs gavel
    What did you think would happen if you walked up to a group of internet strangers and told them to get shoehorned by their lady doc?~StageManager14
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    Thanks ladies, I completely agree!!! I'm writing down all of these points for another discussion with my mom.
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    I'm with the majority seating can be very awkward and uncomfortable for guests.

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    i dont like open seating.  i went to wedding of friend where i basically knew groom nd bride.  they had open seating and to top off the tables in the main room were taken so i ate in another room with about 4 pple :( felt like school cafeteria.  needless to say i left soon after
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    I like the idea of knowing I'll have a spot to sit with my husband and probably at a table with people that I know which will make the evening more enjoyable. You don't have to go to the extreme of assigning actual seats, but table assignments are nice. It's also nice because then your VIP's will have their special seats exactley where you want them to be. You don't want Grandma stuck way in the back where she can't see anything.
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    You can buy a pack of 50 place cards for about 6 from Party City. It's very inexpensive to do a seating chart. It is YOUR wedding. If you want assigned seating, go for it. Buy the place cards yourself if your mother says too much.
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    My wedding is similar - about 80-90 people. All along, I didn't even THINK about assigned seating of any kind because I figured my guest list was mostly family and my wedding will be casual. However, - and with help from several different postings here on TK - I've now decided I'm doing assigned tables. It'll be more work, but I'm certain my guests who aren't family and who don't know many people will appreciate it. Besides marrying my FI, probably my second highest priority for the wedding is that guests enjoy themselves!

    As further justification (and I don't know why I didn't think of this myself all along) - my FI and I went to a wedding last year where the bride was a friend of mine from high school and I knew only about 2 other guests and she had open seating. Because we got lost on the way to the reception and most of the other guests had already arrived, FI and I ended up sitting at a table with only the bride's parents' neighbor and her companion (both of whom were at least 50 yeas our senior). They were perfectly fine company, we just didn't have a whole lot in common and they didn't even know the bride and groom well. Later in the reception, my friend the bride came up to me and said "I feel so bad you have to sit with them!" Okayyyy, if you care that much, why didn't you assign seating?
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    I hate open seating too.  To me it smacks of laziness in not making sure that every guest has a place to sit rather than their having to walk around and find a place.
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    Open seating sounds like one more potential thing that can go wrong on your big day.  

    You'll have people saving seats with purses and jackets or maybe fear they'll lost their seat if they don't put something on it.  It would stink if I had to give up my "good seat" to grandma and ended up way in the back.

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    I have been to several weddings that were open seating and I totally agree, i've had to save seats with my jackets,purses, even a pair of shoes (don't ask) I had always thought that guests wouldn't like assigned tables but after seeing everyones comments on here I think assigned tables (for VIPS and maybe more) are crucial, it doesn't have to be assigned seats but atleast table wise people would be happy to know they don't have to fight for the tables
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