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Is it legal to drive with cans attached to your car for the get away car decorations?

I'm not quite sure where to ask this question so I tried here in reception ideas. It seems like driving with cans attached to the car, like in the old days, may be percieved as distracting? I've been looking online at the DMV website but I can't really find an answer. Has anyone done this?

Re: Is it legal to drive with cans attached to your car for the get away car decorations?

  • If you find it distracting, then you don't have to do it.  

    Not sure if it's illegal or not, but I can't imagine it being a big deal.  What's the worst that could happen?  You'll get pulled over and asked to remove the cans.   I don't think any cop would write you a ticket for having cans on your wedding getaway car (unless you were also speeding, driving recklessly, or breaking any other laws in the process).
  • How far would you be driving? I think the cans might kick up sparks from hitting the road and such, and so I wouldn't go far with them.
  • FI is a police officer and this was his advice:

    If you just stop by the local Police Department and give them a heads up, they will make sure no one bothers you about it.

    If a cop was a big enough jerk to pull over newly weds for cans, there is no way he would ticket you. He would likely just have you remove them.

    How far are you planning on driving with them on?
  • Check with your local police department. In the area I live in, it is illegal because it can cause a hazard if they come off loose. But that is the area I live in. Your town can be totally different. Be safe so you won't have to worry & just call local police dept.
  • the dmv doesnt make the laws or enforce them. ask your local police department.


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    Laws concerning driving and cars are made at the state level.  While police typically know more about the rules than the average person, they cannot give you legal advice, nor can they agree that they won't enforce laws in a special circumstance.

    Your DMV guide should have the basic rules of the road, but it's not going to be specific enough to talk about cans.  Try searching your state's driving code for decorations or attachments to cars.  It's probably going to be related to creating a hazardous condition or cargo tie downs.   

    You'll probably find that if they don't touch the ground and are securely attached, you'll be ok.  If the cans are dragging the ground, it's probably a problem.  There's a good chance that they could come off and hit another car.  Even if you aren't at risk for a ticket, you could still be responsible if a can comes off and damages another car.  For that reason alone, I would go with streamers instead.  
  • I'm pretty sure it's illegal in NJ. I've actually never seen it done.
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    Don't know about the law, but if anything falls off your car you could be responsible for 1) littering and 2) endangering people on the road.

    This is just me, but I also find it too cutesy.
  • Thanks everyone! I think the cans are so cute and traditional looking. I think I'll just drive down the block with them attached, and then take them off, so that it's cute and so I can say that I did :)
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