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maybe stupid?? about floating candles.....

I hope this doesn't sound too stupid, but will floating candles be okay for almost a day & 1/2 in water???  We will be decorating our venue the afternoon before the wedding.  We have floating candles as a part of our centerpieces.  So, if we fill the vases & put the candles in, they'll be sitting in water for about 24 hours before they're even lit.  Then they'll be lit during our ceremony & should burn for about 5 hours.  Is that too long for them to be in water?

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Re: maybe stupid?? about floating candles.....

  • It should be fine.  Water and wax don't mix well, so the candles shouldn't become water-logged or anything like that. 
  • It depends on the candle.  The ones we used had two that lasted abot five hours and one that had to be replaced because the way it burned down made a channel for water to go straight to the wick in the center.
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  • I agree with the PP. It depends on the candle, but it really shouldn't be an issue
  • To clarify, I mean that it is fine for your candles to sit unlit in water overnight before your wedding. 

    I have no idea if they will actually last and burn as long as you are planning.  You should definitely test them by lighting one and timing how long it stays lit.  Don't just go by the burn time on the package.
  • I vote for testing ahead of time, at least for peace of mind.
  • I was also worried about the same thing, and didn't think about it until the day before the wedding when we were decorating the reception, so I didn't have time to test it out.  We ended up just leaving the candles out of the vases and then one of H's aunts who offered to light the candles for us just put the candles in the vaes and lit them before the reception started.
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