July 2012 Weddings


MY VENUE IS FINALLY BOOKED!!!!!! Haha sorry for yelling, but I'm beyond excited!! Now I can finally sleep at night lol! We made the deposit and everything is set :) whew! FI called a couple of days ago and as I suspected, people have been getting on the ball and there are two July dates already booked. So we were really close but thank goodness that's all taken care of. Now I can really get going on my planning like the rest of you girls! Which btw, I've really missed you all a lot! What's new? Anything exciting?

My poor lappy is still dead though. I called to apply my warranty and they said I have to first do a ownership tag transfer for my out of US address and get it fixed here. Which takes 2-3 weeks to process of course. THEN I can talk about getting it fixed. Seriously, how annoying? But anyway, I'm hoping for the best. FI got a mini laptop though, so I'm not 100% disconnected from the world now lol. Ahh feels good to be back.. even if it's just a little :)

Oh! Venue pics of course. I've posted it before but oh well. You can see the church too in the "Iglesia" album
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