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My fiance and I have planned a wedding for July 20 and we would like to have paper lanterns to light at night for our guests. As they are lighting the lanterns...we would like to surprise everyone with a five minute or less firework show at night. Does anyone know how we would even get started with this? Is it even legal to have a firework display on the beach of a small city? How much would it cost?

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    These are all local issues.  Try asking your local board.

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    I would look it up.  Private firework displays are illegal in Ma.  
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    This is a local law issue, so we won't be able to help you, and you seriously should not take the advice of random people on the internet as to whether something is legal or illegal anyway.  The easiest thing to do is probably just to give your local police station a call.  If you're setting off fireworks in a relatively public area even if it's legal, you'll want to give them a heads up anyway.  Also make sure you're not violating any noise ordinances.
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    If it's even allowed, you'd most likely have to hire a certified pyrotechnician and have permits and insurance. Good luck!
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    dont call your local police station. the police have nothing to do with local rules regarding the setting off of fireworks. contact the town hall in the town in which you want to set them off.  they will tell you if you need permits etc.. or if you need to have a firework company do it for you.


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