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The Knot, Inc. has hit its own major milestone: We've officially helped over 20 million brides plan their wedding. Help us celebrate -- and earn bragging rights of your own --by entering to have your wedding featured on our website or in The Knot weddings magazine.

All you have to do is reply to this thread before July 21, and tell us why your wedding deserves to be featured online or in print. We'll pick the top 20 couples and then let you vote for the grand prize winner! See rules here.

The winning couple gets $1,500 worth of goodies including the chance to hobnob with celebs at The Knot Annual Party, front-row seats at Wedding Fashion Week, an appointment to be fitted for a free dress, spa appointments and a private photo shoot with one of The Knot's favorite fashion and wedding photographers.

Do you have great DIY details at your wedding? An amazing dress? A unique ceremony planned? A gorgeous reception venue? Did you plan the whole wedding in less than 3 months? Tell us about it! The top 20 posts will be chosen as our winners and those brides will have their fabulous wedding day details featured for millions to see.

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Re: Have your wedding featured on The Knot or!

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    Hi Annie! Our wedding this upcoming January deserves to be featured!! I have put an incredible amount of work into planning the day, but have loved every minute of it. I'm one of those girls who has dreamed of everything wedding-related since I was little, therefore I've had a LOT of time to dream up all sorts of things! Getting to put it all into action is incredible!

    Our reception venue is in the gorgeous rotunda of our science museum, so the architecture of the room sets the standard for the event. We have worked so hard to be able to hire the best vendors, including amazing catering, entertainment, lighting and photography! All the decor is DIY by myself with attention to detail.  I've even arranged for a projection of our monogram to be displayed on the marble Earth kugel outside of the museum for the guests to see first thing.  Almost everything related to our wedding has a "wow" factor, including my amazing, Maggie Sottero "princess" dress!!! It will truly be a fairy tale day for us!
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    Our wedding was nearly 100% DIY.  I took great care with every single detail, to be sure everything was beautiful, sophisticated but still fun, showcased our personalities, and ensured the comfort of our guests. 

    We were actually the first ever wedding at our venue, so the planning process was very open ended - which is great, and stressful.  They didn't limit us, but they weren't really aware of their own limitations.  (Hearing horor stories on the boards from other brides helped me have realistic expectations, even if the venue didn't.) 

    We also didn't want a religious ceremony at all, and didn't want someone to marry us who we didn't know.  So, we wrote our own ceremony and vows and talked a friend into getting ordained online.  He did a great job, and our ceremony was perfectly US.  And, although I vetoed having our dogs in the ceremony, we included them via one of our readings:  "Falling in Love is Like Owning a Dog". 

    We had nearly 50% out of town guests, so we worked hard to make it a whole weekend event.  Our rehearsal was on Thursday so that Friday we had time to take everyone to the horse races at Churchill Downs, followed by a great casual backyard bbq at my parents' house.  We got to spend lots of time with our guests, show them some of the best of Kentucky, and they had a great time!  (We even got to take a few guests to my grandparents' farm on Sunday before everyone flew home - just in time to see two brand new baby horses!)

    Our pro photos are due in by the end of the week - I can't wait to see them all! 
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    My wedding is planned for the fall of 2011. We are having the ceremony and reception at Meadow Brook Hall in Michigan. It is an amazing place! It is the old Dodge mansion and they have turned it into a beautiful wedding venue. We are having a fall colored theme of chocolate brown, burnt orange, burgundy and gold. Im very big into the little details of the wedding because i want my guests to get the "wow" factor event. One of my favorite things is that my wedding dress is not the normal bridal white, it is a soft gold color which i think fits so well with our colors.
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    bbyckesbbyckes member
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    We will marry July 3, 2010 in Atlanta, GA. 

    Our wedding should be featured because it is a true compilation of many of the ideals that The Knot represents.  It has elements of DIY, budget, regional customs and traditions and is a complete reflection of the bride and groom.  Initially, our budget was hit hard by the economy, as we were going to marry in our home state of California.  Instead of opting out of the ceremony and reception we thought we wanted, we regrouped and decided to marry at our home and use our city as a backdrop to host our friends and family southern style.

    We strive to keep our event vibrant, fun, cohesive and elegant. I have taken to heart the knowledge gained from posters on all The Knot's boards.  I have seen what works and what doesn't work and listened to those who have gone before me.  I have tried to put a personal spin on traditional aspects of our wedding and reception and I believe that we will pull it off.  Our wedding will demonstrate that you don't have to have a big budget or have a completely cookie cutter wedding, you can step outside the box and pull off an affair to remember.  A backyard wedding can sometimes have a negative connotation - people expect cheap, flimsy or unsubstantial.  I hope to prove that a wedding at home doesn't have to be any of those things. 

    We should be featured because our wedding is a true product of The Knot and our wedding will definitely be a reflection of this latest milestone.

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    After 4yrs of dating, we are finally engaged!!  We (obviously) were not in a big hurry to become engaged, but want a very short engagement.   We will have 5 months to plan the wedding, which is Fabulous!! (we are about 100 days away) I am committed to not letting this become a fiasco, and would like a small, intimate wedding and reception.  I find it interesting, and annoying that so many women get sucked into years of planning for one day!  We chose a beautiful location on Green Lake, Wi that will be perfect for a small reception.  The restaurant is sure to impress with their unique menu and flare for artistic presentation.  I am limiting the number of places we are looking for flowers, cakes, ect.  I have realized that most vendors can do a very nice job, and I am not looking for ultimate perfection, just someone who has the same vision as me, and has a budget we can work with!!!  Are there other Brides out there like me??  I believe there are, but they feel pressured to follow the Standards set by.... someone!
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    Our wedding should be featured on The Knot because we were able to fuse a very traditional, classic wedding with personal touches to make it a uniqe experience for our guests.

    We were married at the chapel at my alma mater, Northwestern University, just outside Chicago.  The chapel is absolutely beautiful--floor to ceiling stained glass.  DH and I are both traditionalists, and felt strongly that if the traditional wedding ceremony was good enough for our grandparents and parents, it was good enough for us!  We kept things short and sweet for the sake of our guests--but everything was still very meaningful and emotional.

    Our wedding is also unique because of our amazing photos.  We did a first look and got an incredible sequence of the first time DH saw me in my wedding dress, and spent an hour before the ceremony walking around campus taking incredible pictures.  After the ceremony, we got creative and hit up Barnes & Noble and Johnny Rockets for some truly unique and stylish portraits. 

    At our reception, we wanted to give the guests great food and drink and entertainment while still incorporating unique details that felt like "us."  Guests loved our huge display of old family wedding photos--almost all our married guests were featured!  This was a great icebreaker for the cocktail hour.  Since we're also completely obsessed with our pets, our dog and cats were featured on our table numbers.   My garter was made out of my late grandfather's red sock--he was known for always wearing them, even with a suit, and it was my "something old" as well as a way to honor his memory in a subtle way.  I got lots of compliments on our DIY invitations, out of town boxes, photo guest book, and photo card box. The little details really pulled together the whole day!

    For pics, check out my blog or married bio!
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    Hi Annie!
    My Fiancee and I have been together a year and a half and have known from the first day we met that we wanted to be together. We've been engaged for 8 months and we are getting married in 6 short weeks and we cannot wait!!
    We are getting married in my hometown church in Iowa and are having a swanky, fun and modern reception. We plan on having a sophisticated BBQ style wedding with a lot of DIY projects.
    I think we should be featured on The Knot because I rarely see weddings from small towns. When it comes to small town weddings, there is always a huge guest list because everyone knows everyone! Being from Iowa we don't get the credit to have a classy wedding that is fun too!
    I am loving my DIY projects and look forward sharing them with the people that I love. We handmade, stamped, and embossed our wedding invites as a sneak peak for what's to come.
    I am a crafty, funky and traditional girl who likes to mind my budget and am so looking forward to sharing my life with a wonderful man and celebrating in the most fun and exciting way we know how!

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    I apologize for this being so long....

    DH and I are a young couple that met on a blind date, thanks to mutual friends. We are different in many ways (he is the scientist, I am the fantasy writer), but our love of nature and animals is what really united us. After 3.5 years, we married April 10th, 2010. We had a budget/DIY wedding. We weren't focused on a big-budget wedding and preferred to spend time with loved ones rather than spend thousands on decorations and a venue (not that we had extra money anyway!). I wore an ice blue, knee-length bridesmaid dress and silver heels while DH wore a black suit with light blue vest that matched my dress. My MOH wore a dark blue dress. We also incorporated our Native American heritage as a major part of the ceremony and reception.

    Our colors were blue and white to reflect this heritage. Blue is the color of the north (where DH is from) and represents melancholiness/loneliness. White is the color for the south (where I am from) and represents unity. In traditional weddings, the bride and groom exhchanged a blue blanket and the chief presented them with a handmade white blanket to signify the union. We used the colors throughout the wedding--my dress and DH's vest were blue, our cake was blue and white, in the tableclothes, and other areas. We also had my great-uncle, a Cherokee elder, perform a blanket ceremony where we held tobacco pouches and had our hands fastened together with a red cloth, then our mothers draped a blanket over our shoulders and grandfathers tied it into a knot while my uncle blessed the cermeony with a Cherokee prayer. This was incredibly meaningful to us and guests loved it--and everyone was amazed when two red-tailed hawks flew overhead in the middle of the blessing!

    We were married outside at a private cabin on the river, with the river in the background as DH is a marine scientist and loves the water. The aisle was decorated with white and blue dried flower petals, with small bamboo sticks lining the path along the chairs. Just before the aisle were vases filled with dried plants from Michaels. These plants were also tied to porch poles with blue ribbon and in vases out front as decorations around the guest book table.The decorations were made to enhance the natural look and make guests feel part of the natural world.

    When guests arrived, they were invited to sign our guest book, which was on a table out front. This table was decorated with miscellaneous dried seeds and pods, as well as our white card box. We also used leftover invitations featuring roses and lillies (as DH is also a landscaper) as a way for guests to "Write a Message to the Bride and Groom," which were then placed in a wide glass bowl. We loved the personal messages people wrote and it meant a lot to have so many people there who cared about us. All favors were made by my family--small glass bottles and plasic shovels filled with birdseed to represent both our love of animals and my time rehabbing birds.

    The food was a major highlight at the wedding. My family cooked and provided baked ziti and pasta salad, meatballs and sausages, mashed potatoes, deviled eggs, pulled pork and rolls, chicken wings, Greek salad, and much more. We're a big Southern family, so good food is a must! The cake was made by Publix, a 3-tied marble cake with buttercream frosting. It was blue and white and decorated with an ocean theme, complete with seashells to represent our love of the ocean and nature.

    Overall, our wedding was casual and represented who we are. Neither of us ever dreamed of our wedding before so it was a very new experience. But it was a great day all about friends and family and DH wrote vows that brought many to tears. Everything included was meant to be personal, from the favors and invitations to our vows and decorations. Our first dance was to Nat King Cole's "Unforgettable," which truly says it all. If I had to give a reason why I think we should be featured, I'd say it's because our wedding proves you can be on a strict budget and still have an unbelievable day that creates fantastic memories. And, that creating a wedding based on your personal beliefs and interests is a lot of fun! We are considered a bit "oddball" by friends, and we brought that to our wedding for sure, including my obsession with Vin Diesel (who was in my vows), and his passion for collecting shells (which were used on our cake).

    Most importantly though, was the celebration of our heritage. When it all came down to it, that's what I remember most.

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    prideeinpynkprideeinpynk member
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    I believe mine and my fiance’s wedding deserves to be featured on TK because I am a bride on a budget who refuses to sacrifice my wedding day vision.  David and I truly complement each other because we both value individuality.  We wanted to express our true selves with those we love, even though at this point in our lives we are doing so on a meager budget.  Therefore, we got creative!

    We are a young couple who enjoy spending our nights sipping home-brewed beer and grilling brats on the rooftops in the city. We are ecstatic to be getting married on 10-10-10 at a beautifully renovated loft in our beloved downtown Kansas City! We used David’s artistic talents as a Graphic Designer to create beautiful DIY invitations that feature the skyline we love so much, and also have a touch of fun with our MadLib style RSVPs.

    To further complement the invitations, the cake was specially designed by us in a sort of minimalist, modern design.  It has double-tall layers that feature modeling chocolate decals that also mimic the city skyline from the invites.  Each layer features a different favorite flavor: Vanilla latté, chocolate mint, and white chocolate wedding cake. 

    Speaking of our favorite flavors, we chose to showcase our love of classic American food in a contemporary way with our reception menu.  David prefers cheeseburgers, while my all-time favorite food is macaroni and cheese! So, we decided on a gourmet macaroni and cheese bar and an upscale slider bar for the meal.  We often host dinner parties featuring these items, and we believe all of our guests will truly appreciate how much of ourselves the food will be representing.

    One of my favorite details of the wedding? Our DIY photobooth, which will serve as both entertainment and favors for our guests.

    We wanted to portray our modern- meets-classic vision in our dress as well.  David and the groomsmen will be wearing classic James Bond-style tuxedos.  I will be wearing an old Hollywood vintage-style dress, played up by a beautiful birdcage veil accented with a vintage rhinestone-studded hair comb.

    We believe you can truly have the wedding of your dreams, without breaking the bank.  It just takes a little creativity!

    Chrissy & David -- 10/10/10

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    fallbride1109fallbride1109 member
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    We had a beautiful, classic hotel wedding at a lovely historic hotel -- the hotel where my husband and I went for drinks after dinner on our first date and talked for hours.  Our ceremony was unique in that we had an interfaith wedding co-officiated by both a rabbi and a Christian minister and incorporated both Christian and Jewish traditions.  We outlined everything that would be conducted in our programs, explaining what we were doing and why.  It was very important to us that everyone of both faiths in attendance felt comforable and represented.  I'll never forget turning around to face our guests as we were presented as husband and wife and seeing every one of our guests smiling, many through their tears.  The ceremony was held on the outdoor terrace of the hotel and the reception downstairs in the ballroom.

    Our hotel reception was classic and elegant with all white flowers, chandeliers, candles, champagne, great food, an all-white candy buffet, and rhinestone-studded white wedding cake.  We also did a reveal and a private last dance alone on the dance floor--a highlight of the night for us.  Pictures telling the story of our day are in my married bio.

    The reception was beautiful, and the ceremony was one that everyone said they wouldn't forget.
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    From the first day I met my fiancé, Anthony, to the planning of the wedding and honeymoon, one unifying truth symbolizes who we are: “not part of the average.”  I’m 39 and Anthony is 44 and this is the first marriage for both of us which is certainly not part of the norm.  We also met in a somewhat unusual way- on an online Christian dating site. In 2006, Anthony saw my picture online and emailed me, asking me out on date.  I thought he was cute, but since his profile said his height was between 5’6” – 5’8”, I turned him down, because I wanted someone “taller.”  We never spoke after that.  Years passed, and in 2009, we both returned to online dating after ending long-term relationships.  As I was skimming through the profiles, I kept returning to Anthony’s profile, not remembering that I had turned him down several years prior because of his height.  I couldn’t get his picture or profile out of my mind, so I finally emailed him with this simple question:  “I know this is a weird question, but how close to 5’8” are you?”  He simply replied:  “I am a VERY tall 5’7”.”  I laughed, we talked on the phone, and had our first date that same week.  It wasn’t until weeks after our first meeting that he reminded me that I had initially turned him down in 2006 because he was too “short”.  Thank goodness my priorities changed and God gives us second chances.   We are now planning our wedding for Friday, September 24th, 2010 in Arizona. 


    I had always wanted to have a church wedding like my friends.  But because the church we attend has a huge auditorium that is not conducive to weddings, we opted for a nighttime outdoor ceremony and indoor reception.   We selected an 80 year old venue in Mesa which used to be a feed and seed store for the local Arizona farmers in the mid 1900’s.  The location has now been converted into a beautiful outdoor garden with a unique indoor reception of European and New Orleans flair.  Unlike my friends who were married 20 years ago, we are probably one of the few whose bridal party is all over the age of 40! Laughing   We have selected a theme of classic elegance and are weaving it throughout all aspects of the celebrations; from the black, white and red color palette, to the black foil wedding invitations, the vandella, spray and freedom red and white roses—even through to the guest favors - black and white Jordanian almonds wrapped in black and white gift boxes and adorned with personalized ribbon.

    My dress, which was the second one I tried on, is a beautiful princess satin ball gown with sweetheart neckline, fitted bodice and intricate beading.  It’s complimented beautifully by the bridesmaids red chiffon and satin long dresses which they each chose themselves and the men’s classic black tuxes.

    The incorporation of many DIY ideas from The Knot have helped us stay within budget which include photo strip save the date cards, handmade thank you cards, custom made jewelry,  a modern photo frame guestbook, and handmade wedding program fans to help our guests stay cool.

    Instead of serving a sit-down dinner, we will be honoring our guests with a sumptuous dessert reception complete with chocolate fountain, gelato bar and fruit bonanza.  Tables will be adorned with black and white table linens, red chair sashes and stunning candle-lit candelabra centerpieces of red roses.  Our modern 4-tier cake of different fillings will reflect a bold contrast of black and white. We are also fortunate to have friends of mine, who play in a professional jazz band, provide the entertainment for the evening. What better theme song for them to play than “At Last” by Etta James.  To top off the evening for our wedding "send off", we will be whisked away under a bevy of sparklers to a secluded tree house in a Costa Rican rainforest for our honeymoon.

    We would like to be featured on The Knot, because I think our wedding and reception represents what The Knot is all about.  Dare to be differentDare to be yourself. Dare to be “not part of the average.”  And most of all, dare to have the patience to wait for the right person to come into your life.  We can honestly say, it’s been worth last!!





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    My wedding was special because of the friends and family who helped plan and prepare for it.  I have worked in the hospitality and wedding industries for years and have made some amazing friends and connections along the way.  When my fiance', who was a single dad, proposed on my birthday in March 2009, I truly was shocked and happier than I had ever been.  We immediately started planning and set a date of 11/21/09!  For many reasons, we knew we were on a tight budget, but didn't mind because I love DIY projects!  I was the Director of Catering for a local catering company and loved my job! However, that August, the catering company fell victim to the tough economy and I lost my job.  I found a job waiting tables while I looked for more permanent work, but money was tight and I was very stressed about how we would pull off the wedding.  My friends immediately rallied around us and chipped in to do whatever they could to make sure we had a perfect day!  Teresa of Memories n More photography in Savannah, GA captured our special day and the photos were AMAZING!  She also helped me find a beautiful, yet affordable venue.  The pavilion at Tom Triplett Park just outside of Savannah is a elegantly rustic space for a wedding!  Raven of Everlasting Occasions coordinated the event!  I am a part of a group of ladies who get together to exercise weekly and the members of this group made our wedding cake, set up and decorated the space, and lent moral support that I cannot even begin to thank them for.  A to Zinnias florist helped me put together a floral package that was in our budget and the arrangements were fantastic!  Our friends and family brought the food so that we didn't have to hire a caterer and a friend from the catering company coordinated the food presentation!  With my industry connections, I was able to find a harpist through New Arts Ensembles as well as an A/V technician who lent us a sound system for reception music.  Our day was simple, but so special.  When I look back, I have to say I would not change one thing.  I married the man of my dreams and realized that I have some of the most amazing and selfless friends!

    Check out some pictures on Teresa's blog...and if you are getting married in the Savannah, GA or Charleston, SC area, I HIGHLY recommend her!  You will make a friend and have amazing memories captured!

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    We're bringing family in 4 countries (England, Vietnam, Germany, America), speaking 3 languages, of 2 religions together for our wedding next Easter weekend.  If we survive planning (trilingual invites, 3 different traditions about who should pay, travel arrangements for everyone, finding a salsa band from out of state, multiple wedding dresses, etc.), I'm sure the story of how would be worthwhile.  Every detail will reflect the cultures of the families we hold dear and the poetry of our love story. 
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    Hi Annie!
    I've been sitting here trying to figure out how best to describe why our wedding (8-21-2010) should be featured in The Knot.  We're not on a strict budget nor doing much DIY.  We don't have some horrific or sad back story that would make everything even more emotional.  My FI, Don, and I just love each other with everything that we are.

    Our ceremony will be held at the church that I grew up in.  It will be done up big with a few large flower arrangements on the altar and a couple in the windows behind the altar.  We'll also be draping fabric down the sides of the pews and from the balcony in the back of the church to give it a more romantic feel.

    Our reception will be held at a private golf club not far from the church.  It's a beautiful venue with a large ballroom with two walls of windows.  There's also a large balcony where, during the cocktail hour, guests can watch us and the WP get our pictures taken.  I fell in love with this venue when I saw pictures of a wedding my parents attended when I was 16.  Without ever having seen it in person, I knew that's where I wanted my wedding.  When Don and I got engaged, we went to the club to see it in person for the first time and we both just knew it was the best place for us.

    Our reception will be romantic and yet playful.  Our tables, though they will have romantic 5 foot tall centerpieces filled with roses and curly willow, will be named after different rides at the amusement park where we got engaged.  Our cookie table (yes, we're Pittsburgh-ers!) will be overflowing with homemade cookies and pictures from when Don proposed.  Our first dance will be to the theme song from the movie we watched on our first date.

    I guess, like I said before, I don't know what you would find incredibly different or special in what we will be doing.  I just know that it will be our perfect day and we absolutely cannot wait for it.

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    Hi Annie :)
    We are getting married in June 2011!! I have been DIY on everything!! We got engaged in January and I've had all things booked since at least March. I started narrowing down a checklist for myself and wanted to be sure and have all major things done. The first huge accomplishment for me was finding my dress. I knew from the beginning I wanted to wear Maggie Sottero. So I found about 10 dresses I liked of hers and went from there. The dress I have chosen to wear of hers was the first dress I tried on. Talk about luck! After ordering the dress things really started to move forward for me. We are having a pink, black and silver wedding. I'm obsessed with PINK and there will be A LOT of it!! People are going to walk in and say Holy PINK!!! Ha Wink
    It is such a relief to have so many things out of the way. We have a little over one year to go and I'm very excited!! I think you should show my wedding on the website or tv because it is going to be FUN! Just think summer, lots of pink and me in my Maggie Sottero dress, you can't beat that!!
    So PICK ME! Laughing
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    prncszprncsz member
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    Our wedding date is August 6th, 2011. Our wedding should be featured because we have overcomed several challenges to get to this point. I met Fiance at work after he transferred to my system following hurricane Katrina in New Orleans where he and his family lost everything. He relocated and they literally rebuilt their lives from scratch. Since I was a little girl I've dreamed of this day and now that it's finally here I want to share it with the world. You never know why things happen when they do but it happens to get you to the place where you need to be. I'm so glad the winds and rains of Katrina brought my Prince to me! To celebrate my fiance's New Orleans background we plan to have a New Orleans themed reception!

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    Kevin and I started dating in 2005.  We are both family oriented people who love the traditional aspects of getting married and raising a family.  He has a very large family, which he is incredibly close to, so we knew for years we would have a very big wedding.


    Despite a guest list of over 300, we are very careful to plan every detail of our big day around our guests.  From the 5-course dinner, to cocktail hour with the upgraded open bar package, to the DJ and photobooth.  We have saved for our wedding for years to provide these touches to our guests, and we are looking forward to a wonderful party to celebrate the union of our families.


    To accomplish such an affair, I had to find other ways to cut down on expenses.  I am the first person in my family to do DIY invites, which are turning out beautifully, thanks to the help and inspiration I found at TheKnot.  I also intend to make the menus and programs using the same color scheme and design elements.  In addition, I have searched exhaustively for vendors with cost savings and good ratings.  The best way stay under budget is to find package deals.  My venue included many items in their package as well as providing us with connections and discounts on other necessary vendors, including the florist.  Additionally, our DJ came highly recommended and was able to provide us a huge discount on our photo booth.


    While our wedding has many of the traditional elements you may expect, I have found ways to incorporate our personal touches.  For example, we didn’t want to do a traditional slide show, but still wanted to include childhood pictures.  Our solution was to get a digital photo frame to place on the card table (to later be relocated to the bar); the frame would include baby pictures, family pictures, and recent couple pictures.  Additionally, I wanted to include baby pictures in our table numbers; thanks to TheKnot, I was able to find examples of my idea to help me execute it professionally.


    Other ways TheKnot has helped me plan my wedding was through the extensive connections made on the boards.  It was there I found JanurayBride’s profile and fell in love with her escort cards.  I became discouraged at the price of Chicago skyline posters, but after much searching, I found a gorgeous picture for the discount price of only $10!  Besides inspiration, TheKnot has helped me with problem solving.  From printing on metallic paper to recommending song selections, TheKnot has been the both a source of inspiration and a solution to my problems.


    When everything is said and done, weddings are still about the couple and the union of two families.  It means so much to me to get to know his family as well as accept the fact my role in my role in my own family will be changing.  I came up with the idea to include a calendar at the bridal shower with the intention of collecting birthday and anniversary information from my guests so I may acknowledge their big days as they have helped me celebrate mine.  Through TK, I get to share my idea with dozens of other girls, so they too can be inspired and make their day special.

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    Hi Annie!

    My wedding was 10.31.09, and was 95% DIY on a tight budget. We incorporated the season, the holiday and the ceremony in an elegant fashion using his parents' garden, our craftiness and even unique transportation that was an homage to his homeland (a big, english double decker bus). Every project I completed for my wedding combined things from my past and his past and our families were represented in everything from the handmade invites, to button bouquets made from my grandmother's buttons, to the "wedding tree" poster with every guest's name represented.

    Not ones for stuffy details, we wrote our own vows and combined those with traditional ceremony, and then we celebrated with a picnic reception with tons of homemade food, wine, baskets and blankets. We finished the evening with a trip trick-or-treating and Ben and Jerry's for the kids and partied into the night at a rocking costume after party for the big kids. It was 14 hours of pure fun and celebration, exactly as we wanted it. Without The Knot, I would have been unable to plan and execute even half of it. From the Etiquette advice to the DIY ideas, almost everything I did was with the help of TK. I am forever grateful for that!

    We were a textbook example of missed chances for over a decade, until I hit the wrong channel on my morning news and found him after 10 years of wondering where he was. Chance and serendipity have been the cornerstones of our love, and we just keep surprising ourselves every day. Our wedding was a perfect reflection of our happiness together and the unexpected way we view every day.
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    Jeff & I met in early summer 2005,a few short days after meeting Jeff was sent away to New Orleans to help with the relief efforts after Hurricane Katrina.When i got the call from a friend of my moms saying Jeff wouldnt be able to contact me i immediatly thought he didnt like me and that i would never hear from him again,to my suprise that night my phone rang it was Jeff telling me he got to his first hotel(he had bought a calling card stood at a payphone for a few hours all because he wanted to tell me himself why he wouldnt be able to make our date that weekend).Jeff was away for 3 weeks and everynight he would call me when he got to his hotel sitting on the phone for hours sometimes even till we would fall asleep while his coworkers were out having fun during their free time.

    After dating for 3 1/2 years when he got back from New Orleans Jeff proposed On my 25th birthday it was a total shock i was not expecting it at all.I always knew i wanted to get married outside so We decided to get married on September 13,2009 at a beautiful Mannor house with lavish gardens in the back. every detail of our wedding was planned with our guests in mind.On our wedding day i met my Hubby to be in a secluded area of the gardens where it was just me and him as we had our "moment" while the photographer shot from afar.We did family & wedding party pictures until about 12pm before we headed back to our suites to relax for a few before the ceremony started at 1pm.

    Our ceremony took place at a beautiful spot outside in the gardens.Upon arriving each guest was handed a glass of Champaign with fresh strawberries,on each seat i laid a yellow scented rose to show my appreciation and love for everyone who attened(canary yellow & peridot green were our colors).After each guest was seated at my wedding and the music started to play it was time for my bridesmaids and groomsmen to walk down the isle before us.As i walked down the isle with my dad by my side i took one look at my husband to be and tears started streaming down my face i thought to myself what more could i ever ask for,at that moment my life was perfect.After the ceremony everyone was led to the Gardens for our cocktail hour where they had  a beautiful brick bar awaiting them along with plenty of food and a saute station.After the Cocktail hour they were led upstairs for our reception where we were introduced for the first time as Mr & Mrs.Each guest was greeted with a thank you gift bag filled with mini bottles of wine,wedding mints,chocolate hershey bars,a lotto ticket and a special note that read "a loving note can barely say all we've felt this magic day,our heartfelt thanks is sent to you for your thoughtfullness and warm wishes to".We danced to Lonestar 's song "Amazed" because the song just fit so perfect,we were totally amazed with eachother esp since neither of us was really looking for a relationship when we met,it just happened(i guess the saying good things come to  those who wait has real meaning for us).The guests were served a 5 course sit down dinner with a full open bar,a beautiful 4 tier Vanilla cake with chocolate cream filling and butter cream frosting along with a viennese table with many assorted desserts,a candy station with 14 different types of candy and ofcourse plenty of dancing.At the end of the night they were sent off with a fairwell package of Water,Coffee and a spoonful of kisses.My wedding was one i will never forget.
    Here is th elink to our wedding album if you would like to take a look,
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    First of all, all of you brides have amazing sounding weddings, congratulations!

    Instead of writing a long post about my FI and I, here is a link to a video wedding invitation he made for me. It definitely brought tears to my eyes, and I can't wait to send it out to all of our guests. I am truly a lucky girl.

    Wedding Countdown Ticker

    image 132 Invited so far! image 110 Are ready to party!
    image 12 Will be missing out
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    My mom lost her only sister in a car accident the year my brother was born.  They wanted to totally avoid the month of September (her birthday) to have me in because that would be just too hard.  Especially since it was only 2 year since.  Low and behold, they got pregnant in September.  And guess who was due on her birthday?  Yep.

    It was hard for my grandparents to hear at first, but they all decided to name me after her, Barbara.  My grandpa and I have been so close.  As if I was his daughter.

    When the time came for us to get married, we asked my grandpa to become ordained online to marry us.  We couldn't have asked for a more loving, sincere, beautiful person inside and out to marry us.  He and my grandma have been married 65 years! 

    Our ceremony was so special because we were able to have such a personal statement.  The day before the wedding he actually was in the hospital with what was thought to be a stroke.  I sat by his side for 6 hours and was late to my own rehearsal dinner! 

    I want to tell other brides that they should incorporate special things like this into their weddings.  It is what you will remember and cherish.  I couldn't be a happier bride!

    It's time. Adoption saving and process started in November 2012.
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic
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    Our wedding is a budget wedding in an expensive location. The wedding is September 4th 2011. I am planning almost the entire wedding while my fiancee is working across the country with the US Coast Guard cleaning the oil spill. We are having an elaborate wedding for not such an elaborate price. We are enlisting every DIY and fun idea we can to match our upscale Tiffanys wedding at our oceanview location. Our beautiful daughter Dawn Elizabeth will be 2 years old and our perfect flower girl. We are so excited to see what the future brings
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    Hi Annie! Here is a brief summary of my fiance and I's relationship. We met in Pharmacy school in Philadelphia, dated for a year before he moved to Colorado, lived apart for 2 years and are getting married July 24, 2010.
    Now on to the details! Our wedding "colors" are Ivory, Fuscia, Brown and LEOPARD. My dress is a simple silk duchess satin ivory trumpet with a leopard sash. My fiance is wearing a brown suit with a custom-made leopard tie. The bridesmaids are wearing different style fuscia dress. The groomsmen are wearing brown tuxes with fiddle headed fern boutonnieres. My tables have ivory floor length linens with a leopard overlay. Each place setting will have a pink charger and ivory napkin with a pink bow. The centerpieces are tall cylinders with a full pink rose arrangement on top. Curly willowed will be inside the cylinder and slighting sticking out of the roses. My bouquet is being made of 3 dozen hot pink intution roses to mimick my leopard sash. Our reception area will have a photobooth and ice luge sculpture with rose petals frozen into it as well as a monogram. We are doing DIY hot pink uplighting around the perimeter of the room as well as drapping the ceiling and the wall behind the sweatheart table with ivory organza. We are getting married and having our reception ar the historic Radisson Lackawanna Station Hotel. It is an old train station that was flipped into a hotel and is a landmark in Scranton, PA. A special element about our ceremony will be the "wine box" ceremony, in which we will place a bottle of wine, 2 wine glasses and love letters to each other in. We cannot open the box unless A.) It is our 10 year anniversary or B.) We get into a huge arguement and we need to be reminded of why we married each other. The most important part of our day is that it is also my fiance's parent's 39th wedding anniversary. We are making a smaller scale replica of their wedding cake and giving them a toasting set and serving set as their anniversary gift.
    I know you have a lot to read! Please contact me if you want anymore information. Thank you.
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    oops, forgot to add that I have a ceremony dress and a reception dress. I will be wearing my ceremony dress until we do the traditional Polish dollar dane and my fiance carries me away. When I reenter the room, I will be wearing my short white dress with a leopard sash. I also have fuscia sparkly Christian Louboutin shoes!
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    Hi Annie!

    A lot of things run through my mind as reason why our wedding should be showcased.  Our venue is beautiful, my dress, while beautiful, was a STEAL, a TON of DIY, etc.  But, I finally feel like everything in my life is right. 

    We met on eharmony, neither of us looking for anythng serious.  Both of us had just finalized divorces and were looking to get out of the house again.  We both put a 150 mile radius in our profiles, but were matched despite the 285 mile distance.  We both considered deleting the other, but did not.  Long story short, we took the chance and here we are, 2 and a half years later!

    I am also very fortunate to have my biological father at my wedding.  We spent 31 years apart after he and my mother divorced when I was a very small child.  I tracked him down and now he will be at my wedding!  I also will have my Dad I grew up with there, which is incredibly important to me.  Some people don't have a Dad and I have 2!!!

    I am not nervous, scared, or even beyond slightly stressed.  Our plans have come together beautifully and I am looking forward to July 17, 2010.
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    Please feel free to paraphrase, edit, etc the below, since it's so long! :)

    Hello! FI and I are getting married August 7 2010 in Milton, Ontario. If I had to sum up our wedding in one phrase, it would be MULTICULTURALLY FUN!

    I have Arab roots so I wanted to make sure we incorporate my heritage in our wedding. Add in the fact that FI and I both love a great party, and you've got a recepie for an evening that's very different than the norm, and full of fun! We have so many guests coming from out of town and overseas that we wanted to make sure it was a night for them to remember, but also stay true to ourselves.

    First thing we decided on was colours for the wedding. What could be more wild than orange with purple accents?! So that is what our bridal party will be wearing... and oh, did I mention by the way that I have TWO bridal parties?! I have a lot of family that I wanted in the wedding, but I didn't want my friends excluded either. So I have 4 BM and one MOH from the family side, who will be wearing orange and will be standing up for us at the alter and seated at the head table... and then I have 4 BM and one MOH from my friends side, who will walk down the aisle with us and will also be doing a skit at the reception, and they will be seated right beside the head table. They will all be wearing (of course!) purple. Lucky me to have 10 women with me on my wedding day!

    We're kids at heart, so when we made our own invitations we looked at as a fun and crafty project, and had a blast making all 100 iof them, complete with ribbons and monograms. Then came time to decide on the centerpieces... what could we do that was different and fun? Present & gift centerpieces! We're having 3 or 4 boxes per table, all wrapped in orange paper with purple ribbon except for one box on each table that will be in purple wrapping with orange ribbon, dressed beautifully as presents. When it comes time to do the centerpiece give-away, we're going to tell our guests that the purple present is their prize! (In it will be something useful for them, like coffee mugs or a serving tray, etc). Our wedding cake is going to match our centerpieces as well... two of my wonderful bridesmaids are making a four tier cake in the shape of presents, with orange and purple fondant. The best part about the cake is that my FI surprised me with the perfect cake topper--a Beauty and the Beast figurine! (I am a HUGE fan of this movie, since I was a kid. Funny thing that FI doesn't know is I'm surprising HIM by ordering special garters to wear on the wedding day for the garter toss, and they are a Beauty and the Beast set, with ribbon around it saying "Today is the day your dreams come true"!)

    Our bombonier gifts to our guests are just as creative. We are renting a photo booth where guests will get to take their pictures with their date/friends and then get to each keep their photo strip complete with a cute frame! The photo booth also prints an extra strip that guests will get to place in a scrapbook for us, which they can then sign it with their well wishes as we all decorate it with funky stickers, so instead of a guestbook we get a very personalized photo montage of all guests! We even got to personalize the photo strips-- we're huge poker players, so the top of the strip is the Queen of Hearts and King of Spades surrounded by poker chips, and the bottom has a thank you messsage in both English and Arabic!

    Since I have a few guests who only speak Arabic, I wanted to make sure they were able to understand some of what's going on at the ceremony. I did some digging, and found an officiant to marry us in a civil ceremony right outside our receptionn hall (we have different religions and decided a non religious ceremony was best). The best part? He speaks English AND Arabic, so he will be doing half the ceremony in English, half in Arabic! I also requested that the DJ play some traditional Arabic music, including some classics that will be bound to get every guest on the dance floor. That's not the only thing I'm doing true to my culture... it's tradition that before the bride and groom walk into the reception, a group of drummer boys with huge drums walk in and play music and dance, to get the guests off their feet and really welcome the newly married couple. Sometimes belly dancers come in with the drummers and put on a small show too, and even two sword fighters do a performance for the couple! We're going to have it all, drummers and belly dancers and sword fights and everything! When we're doing the cake cutting later in the evening, we're also going to have traditional Arab sweets and desserts (like baclava) at the dessert table, and FI is also going to have a traditional Danish cake at the table, to pay respect to his grandparents. I think that the guests will need it to give them a sugar boost and keep the party going!

    Even our MC's for the evening are getting in on all the fun and creativity-- they're wearing the classic orange and powder blue tuxes that were seen in the movie Dumb and Dumber, top hat and cane and all! Bound to get a bunch of laughs from the crowd!

    I love all our personal touches, the fact that our wedding will be one of a kind, and also I think it's wonderful that I got to incorporate some of my Arab heritage in the wedding. With 7 weeks to go, the countdown for the ultimate party is on!

    Thanks for reading! :)
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    I would love to have our wedding featured on the knot!  We are getting married on October 30,2010 at American Village in Montevallo, AL.  We will start the weekend off with our Rehearsal Dinner on Friday at the Stardome Comedy Club.  We are doing a Murder Mystery (wedding themed!) dinner after the rehearsal.  I am really excited about this and I think it will be a fun different way to start the weekend!   Our wedding location is amazing!  The ceremony will be held in the chapel designed after a 100 year old church in Virginia.  It has hardwood floors, a balcony, and a spiral staircase pulpit flown in from England.  The reception will be held in the ballroom which is designed after the ballroom in the White House.  It has hardwood floors, two fireplaces, and three amazing chandeliers.  The venue is beautiful and amazing.  My dress is a Watters and Watters entire lace mermaid dress.  It's beautiful and I can't wait to wear it.  We are doing a fall themed wedding.  The bridesmaids dresses are also Watters and Watters, and they are a copper colored.  The lighting, entertaining, food, and flowers will all be amazing.  But the most important thing is we will be spending an amazing day with our family and friends and we will be beginning our lives together!
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    Hi Annie,
    DH and I planned a traditional preppy style wedding (with some nautical touches) for May 8th, 2010. I had everything planned, and a timeline for the day down to the minute~not that I was a bridezilla or anything- just well-prepared.
    We planned to have our ceremony on our venue's gorgeous covered terrace, and the reception in the main ballroom. Mother nature did not co-operate, and our ceremony was moved inside due to 60 km/hr winds.

     During the reception our venue lost power for the entire 5 hours of our celebration! . Our DJ saved the day, and we were able to have music for about 3 hours.Our guests thought this was so much fun, and truly enjoyed themselves in the romantic candle light. Almost every guest came to tell us they were having so much fun, even without electricity.

     As my new husband and I danced the last song of the night (his surprise for me was playing the Hawaiian Wedding Song, and telling me about our surprise honeymoon to Hawaii, and that we were leaving the next day)
    I looked around and realized that weddings weren't really about all of the planning, and the tiny details, but about the love and the great friends and family that stick around to celebrate with you in the dark. Our wedding day disaster turned into something so much better than we could have ever planned for.

    Picture link:
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    well ... You should feature our wedding because its a tale like no other. Pure faith.... we meet literally on sea, on a fairy between the twin islands 10yrs ago. we were friends for 8yrs then it happen and we knew.... I feel so blessed and lucky. Many people ask us how do we know that this is the one? Its easy. Everyone who I've met that are in love feels the exact same way.

    The stage is set for a joyful and momentous ocassion. The Date 10:10:10. on the island of Trinidad and Tobago in St Patrick's catheral built in 1856. Fortunately for us they just renovated the stained glass windows and yes it matches my colour scheme.  yay!!!  When the angles sing what glorious music they make. Plus you need to see my dvd invitation. awesom and I plan to wear my pink football tugs under my dress.... I'm sure my future husband will get a kick out of it.

    The reception is being held at a Gingerbread Victorian style beach house on a smaller island on the west coast. The bridal party is taking photos in and around the Bamboo Catheral with its pristine rainforest.

    The bridal party will be whisked away on my sailing team's yacht "Sea Wfy":- coincidental lol

    Then we'll be making our way to the reception to dance, drink and be "marry" overlooking yet again another a purple and pink sunset... I owe a lot of special effect to God. lol
    We are having chinese food, fortune cookies, sushi, pows, wantons...etc the whole menu is is surrounded by the triple ten theme.  cocktail style bar for 5hours We are adding little confucious messages hidden all around for amusement. which add great entertainment for guest. e.g "man who laughs last, did not get joke". :) At exactly 10pm we plan on sending up thai sky lanterns basking in the new moon (chinese symbol) to begin a life of fortune and happiness. I kid you not I didn't plan it... like love it just happened that way.

    Kim Lee
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    Hello Annie,

    I will start off by introducing myself, I'm Jamie and my Fiance is Jason.  We met 7 years and 6 months ago.  Our wedding date is August 21, 2010. (One of the busiest weekends for weddings of the year) Didn't really pre-think that one through. 
    Jason and I decided after being together for 6 years we should take the next step and get married.  We are both very unique people, He's a mechanic and I'm an office manager.  We knew we didn't have a huge budget to work with.  So about 80% of our wedding is DIY.  We also knew that we didn't want to get married in your typical church setting... So we fell in love with Victoria, British Columbia.  There is an indepth story behind the location we fell in love with, we felt like we were home in Victoria.  BTW, we live in Edmonton, Alberta Canada.  Planning a DIY wedding in another province is very stressful, it's not like other all - inclusive destination weddings.  Planning my dream wedding has had many ups and downs.  Family has been our biggest challenge.  I have come to realise no matter what happens between now and August 21st, All that matters is I'm marrying the Man of my Dreams! 

    Wedding Colors - Chocolate Brown and Baby Blue -  Beach and Satin Theme
    Invitations - Message in a bottle
    Public Beach Wedding - Free... Very HAPPY about that one. Barefeet Ceremony
    During Ceremony - Vows will be bottled and sent out to sea
    Flowers - Simple (Bride - White lillies, BM - Blue Hydrengea's w/ White Orchids)
    Wedding Dress - Satin Mermaid w/ Chocolate Brown Sash - Bought at a consignment store (story behind that purchase)
    Groom - Linen Suit w/ Silk White Shirt 
    Bridesmaids - V neck Tea Length Chocolate Brown dresses
    Groomsmen - Linen Pants and Baby Blue Silk Shirts
    Reception At a recreation Centre - Blue and White Swag - Immitate waves, with White Lanterns
    Cake - Cupcakes with Shells and a square topper (To Cut of Course)
    Centrepieces - Tall Vases with Curly Willow, Sand and Shells
    Favors - Candle holders with Personalized label and Satin Ribbon
    Top Edmonton Wedding Photographer - Very Close friend, doing photos for very inexpensive.  Plan to do an ocean (Trash the Dress) the day after the wedding.
    During Reception -  Jason is using a "Creeper" to go under my dress for the garter. Mechanic, through and through!
    Guestbook - Book and a thumbprint tree (Idea came from the Knot)
    Music - Trusty IPOD!

    I really hope this gives you a good vision of what our BIG Day will consist of and what we are all about!  I can say with having our wedding 2 months away the anticipation of all the stress/planning will Pay off!  We have been able to keep our wedding at a $7000 budget!  YEAH ME!  LOL!

    Thank you for the consideration of having our wedding in Print!  Good luck, there are Great weddings out there to choose from. 

    Best Regards,

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