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Cookout instead of reception?!?

My fiancé and I are getting married on the river next June and instead of have the huge reception we have been discussing having a cookout, but I don’t want to people to look about at our wedding as a “trashy” event… We are having a wedding cake & grooms cake though… Any feed back?!

Re: Cookout instead of reception?!?

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    A cook-out or BBQ reception is totally fine!  It's not tacky at all.  Every wedding is different.  What's important is that you plan and throw a reception that reflects what you and your families and friends enjoy doing.  If you think a cook-out/bbq reception is what you guys would enjoy the most, go for it!
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    I went to a cookout reception last summer.  The couple got married in VT at a small chapel with immediate family during the spring.  Then in the summer, they invited family and friends to a cookout at one of the local parks that had a pavilion.  They even found someone who BBQs as a side job (a bbq caterer).  He made burgers, hot dogs, corn on cob and tons of salads and desserts.  We had so much, frisbee.....far more relaxed
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    A cookout is a reception, just a very casual one. That's fine if it's what you and your FH want and you think your guests will enjoy it.
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    Just because it is outside and the menu is a little more casual doesn't mean its trashy!  You can do so many cute things! I feel like there has a been a lot of outdoor weddings on Style Me Pretty lately, you should check it out.  There are tons of DIY projects that are gorgeous yet casual and perfect for a cookout.  You don't need to call it a "cookout" either if you are afraid it will imply "trashy", just call it out outdoors reception
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    as long as you're hosting your guests, it's a perfectly acceptable reception, not trashy in the least and fun-sounding too!
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    Sounds fun! You could class it up a bit for picky guests by renting nice plates, but overall, outdoor receptions are great for everyone. Make sure to plan for the weather and get any necessary permits for the space.
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