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square table linens on round tables?

Hi everyone!  The past two weddings I've been to, instead of round table linens, they've had square table linens on the round tables.  They were large enough for the corners to touch the ground, and it gave a scalloped effect that I really like.  My cousin did this and she said it was MUCH cheaper than the round linens.  However, neither she nor the other girl know what size linens they were and they were both provided by their rental hall.  I went to the rental store that I'll be using (our wedding reception will be in a tent on my parent's farm), and they had never heard of this, and said that I would need a 120" square linen, which they don't have.  And I can't find them ANYWHERE online!!  Has anyone done this before or does anyone know what size I would need??

Why do I always make things more complicated?

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Re: square table linens on round tables?

  • We have 120" rounds at our reception venue and I purchased 90 x 90 square overlays that do the scalloped effect, however, you can purchase 120 x 120 square linens. I would check out This is where I purchased mine and they ended up being cheaper than renting just as a suggestion since they have pretty many options.
  • Nerd alert... I started thinking about this and I figured it would be a pretty easy math equation. If you know how what size round tablecloth you would need, you can figure out what size square you will need for the corners to the touch the ground. So, say you had 48" table top, plus it is 30" from tabletop to floor on a standard table. So for a 48" table you need a 108" tablecloth to reach the floor. Therefore, diagonally corner to corner, it would be 108". Using pythagoreum theory (I warned you about the nerd alert)- a squared plus b squared equals c squared. (or in this case, 2xA^2=108(C)^2. If the tables were 48", you would need a 76x76 square, approximately, for the corners to just touch the floor.

    It seems like 120" round linens are the most popular (to the floor on a 60" table top), in which case you would need 85x85" squares for the corner to touch the ground.

    Does that make sense?
  • But, I'm not seeing that square linens are cheaper? Can you tell me wher eyou are finding them cheaper?
  • Are you planning on renting linens?  Personally, if that's your plan, I'd recommend just buying them.  You can get most sizes and colors for about the same price with a little bit of web-searching.  I found, but I forgot the name of the other one I found.  Anyway, at about $8 a piece for any color in the rainbow (and $5 for a dozen napkins), it's a steal!  Just spend some time Googling (and if I remember the website, I'll post it).
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