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To- Do Tuesday!!

Hey Ladies!!

What is on the agenda for this week both WR and NWR?
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Re: To- Do Tuesday!!

  • WR- send our documents to the  WC to get the paperwork processed for our marriage to be legally recognized!  

    NWR- work on my knitting...I am screwing up badly on my first baby blanket :-(  So tempted to start over! lol!
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  • WR-- I need to get a copy of my birth certificate so we can get the marriage license, and I need to finish up thank yous for the shower. NWR-- We'll be finishing the Christmas decorations this week!
  • WR - Some of our stuff is already on it's way to Key West!  FI's uncle was driving down early and took a bunch of stuff with him!!!  The rest of the wedding stuff is packed and ready to go with my parents when they leave on Sunday!  Need to get myself (clothes, toiletries, etc..) packed!  My goal is to have it done by Saturday afternoon so I can go enjoy a mani and pedi with my friends before we leave on Tuesday morning!

    NWR - Not much - I am in full on wedding mode right now :-)  But I am just happy in general!!!!Smile
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  • I need to push my fiance to work on getting his passport and finish addressing these wedding invites
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  • Trudy - yay!!! so close :)

    WR: Need to make another appointment for my girls to go dress shopping. Need to narrow down invitation options so FI can weigh in. Need to book flights for our site visit in Feb - and then also need to contact the rest of the vendors that we haven't set up meetings with to make sure they can squeeze us in at some point during that week.

    NWR: need to keep up with working out. I also want to find a good slow cooker recipe book so we can try out our new crock pot! I also have to remember to cash my security deposit check - yikes! I've been sitting on it for over a month and just keep forgetting to stop at the ATM with it!
  • I have a big WR week:

    Boudoir Shoot Thurs
    Wedding Sand and Vases need to be bought
    Schedule Mani/pedi and Hair appt for 13th and 14th
    Start Thank you Cards
    DH Class A's do not fit, go Tux Shopping Sunday

    Just school and work same ole

    Hope everyone having a great day!!
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  • Awww Brite!  That sux about your hubby's Class A's :-(
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  • I know he looks so good in them but he got bigger in his chest...oh well it will be fun to look at more options!
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  • WR: Need to buy stamps to send out the thank yous from my surprise shower on Sunday. Also need to start working on some the DIY stuff I can start on now, like bout's for the guys. 

    NWR: need to quit being so lazy, and workout. Was doing good, then the holidays started. 
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  • WR: Put the deposit down on our reception location, and start seriously considering our invitiation style.

    NWR: get organized for class, and finish prepping items for a craft fair next week! 
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  • WR:  Talking to my aunt this week about the destination and cost 

    NWR:  feeling tired and being boring and watching top chef 
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  • WR: Start looking at AHR invites, looking into excursions to do while in the DR, and starting to look for an AHR dress idk what to do I want to wear my shoes i bought to go with my wedding dress for the dinner after our wedding but I am scared to wear a black dress since my tableclothes are black and etc. 

    NWR: A few more xmas presants to buy want to get into gear! I also need a comforter set for our spare bedroom but it is hard to justify spending about 100 dollars on a bed that only gets used occasionally so i keep putting it off. 
  • Wr: booking excursions, choosing vow, poem and reading options..... Need to look for my jewelry and fl clothing Nwr: get the Christmas stuff out!!! Kids are anxious!
  • WR: Get my invites out by next week. 

    NWR: Get a Christmas Tree this week!
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