I am looking to rent a bus or 20-30 passenger vehicle for the wedding. Any Suggestions?

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    Not J&J transportation.
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    I used Dave's Limo out of Delaware for our Center City Philly wedding and they were great.  We rented a 20 passenger limo bus for super cheap. 
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    Philadelphia Trolley Company? Or is a trolley to small for your needs?
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    We used Ali Baba out of manyunk, they were amazing, ontime and didn't charge us for going over by a little bit :)
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    kagkiki I am so glad to hear you say that- FI and I went there yesterday and picked out and put a deposit on a stretch lincoln navigator that fit our whole bridal party and the price he gave us was amazing.. I was just hoping to hear from someone esle who used them because I never heard of them before!!
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    Glad to help :) We loved our HSE Range Rover and was truly pleased withtheir services!
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    We got a shuttle bus from Limo today. Prices were great, and the guy is super helpful! They are based out of Bucks County, and awesome.
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