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Local vs Flying in a Photographer?

Happy Monday!Just wondering, has anyone had experience with either flying in a photographer or using a local one?  We're getting married around Cape Town & initially thought we'd definitely fly photographers in, but that's really pricey!  But I'm worried about hiring a local photographer we've  not met?

Re: Local vs Flying in a Photographer?

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    I'm using one local to our wedding location. Look for someone with a style that you like and look for other past brides reccomendations too.
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    I am using a local photographer for two reasons: 1) I didn't want to worry about travel and accommodations for anyone else. 2) I want to take as little time as possible taking pictures - so I wanted someone who knows the area very well. Knows where the good spots are and where the bad spots are - so we can get the best possible photographs without spending too much time away from our guests after the wedding. However - I know several girls who did bring their own photographer and it worked out beautifully! It is completely up to you - just wanted to throw my two cents in there :-)
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    I flew in our photographer and it was the best decision I made. Local photographers cost a lot for us though, so it was more cost effective as well.
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    I'm flying in my own photogs to Jamaica, only because I'm a picture freak and I trust these people. If I left it to a local or Sandals and they messed it up, I would just be totally devistated. Like I said, I'm a little phyco about pics.
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    I'm flying mine in too - for many of the reasons already mentioned AND it ended up being a lot more affordable than hiring someone already in St. Thomas for the amount of time I wanted.  Good luck!
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    We are flying one in b/c having nice photos is one of my priorities.  At first I thought it would be more pricey, but I found that many photographers who only have a couple of years experience would love to add a great destination wedding to their portfolio.  We were able to negotiate a lot and ended up getting rehearsal dinner, wedding day, and trash the dress photo sessions for only $200 more than the wedding alone would have been here - even when including the cost of flying her in!  Since the photographer is already there, most are willing to take photos of the whole weekend at no extra charge.
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