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Need help with Invitations.STD deadlines

Hi everyone - I have been scanning through the boards/site and I am coming across a lot of different answers to this, mostly are for regular weddings. Can I get some advice on these deadlines/etiquette? Our wedding is June 25th, 2010. We have been spreading the news word of mouth so far, but I havent sent STDs yet. I think I should send them soon... STDs? Invites? RSVP - how much time to respond? AHR invites?Thanks!!!!!!

Re: Need help with Invitations.STD deadlines

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    We are getting married in May. Our STDs were mailed 10 months out. Invites will be mailed out in February (4 months out) with an RSVP for late March so that I have time to track people down. AHR date hasn't been set yet so I have no idea, but I will probably mail them out about 6 weeks beforehand so people don't forget :)
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    Thanks so much for the help! I guess it doesnt matter so much for a DW. I think Ill send my STDs as soon as I get them all finished, sometime next month. We are at 10 months on the dot today! So I guess I have a little time.
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    I'm planning on sending stds 10-9mths in advance and invites 5-4mths in advace. They have to rsvp 30 days in advance so I can finish up my DIY projects unless the resort needs more time.

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    Hi Chaas,First off thanks for launching this thread - it's a really useful one! I defo agree with Mrs. Naylor (soon-to-be ;) that "With DWs most of the rules go out the window anyways" in terms of etiquette.I'm doing STD's 11-12 months ahead of time, invites 4-5 months ahead of time and rsvp deadlines 60 days ahead of time. (really, by that time I expect people to have their tickets already) But my case is maybe a bit more extreeme as I'm living in the destination and all of my US-based family and friends will be making the long haul accross the Atlantic. In terms of RSVPs, I think the important question is how much time do *you* need? You've been letting people know, so they should be looking into travel plans (tho I totally agree that some are "weird" and won't book anything until they've got something concrete in their hot little hands!), so how much time do you think you need to prepare the nitty-gritty details?HTH!*m*
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    Ok well I dont think Im really DIYing alot of things, I mean, our ceremony on the beach is going to be really informal, no chairs or altar, just rose petal aisle, and everyone will stand (might consider chairs, but for such a short ceremony I didnt think it was that big of a deal). I think the reception place doesnt really need a total (its a minimum fee anyway). I think the most important is to get concrete RSVPs from FIs friends, he might pay for their accomodations. I think Im gonna do: STD 9mosInvites 4 mosRsvp 6 weeks notice
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