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Sewing kits...

I've been looking for travel sewing kits to put in our welcome bags. OTC has cute "LOVE" ones at $12.99/dozen but I've also come across bulk stores with better sewing kits. THing is you have a minimum order of 300!!! Would anyone be interested in getting these and we could all split them??? it's about $.75 each (depending on the style) you can e-mail me at dancinqueen040 at yahoo dot com

Re: Sewing kits...

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    I got really nice ones at the Dollar Tree (1.06 each with tax).  They each came in a clear carrying case with a bright trim (pink, green, bright purple) and have a lot of nice things in them! Just another avenue you may want to check out.  I could prob take a pic of them if you want to see what they look like, I haven't gotten around to posting my OOT bag stuff yet.
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    There is a picture in my planning bio of the ones I got from the Dollar Store. EVERYONE used them while we were in Mexico. Actually, Timm even used one. The button to his shirt fell off the night before the wedding and he had to sew it back on.
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