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...I've been tracking this for a few months and I was hoping for some kind of glitch on my system, but change. Aunt Flo is gonna come visit the day of the wedding...grrrrrr

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    Boo!  That SUCKS!! Maybe with all the happenings of the wedding it will be late or lighter than normal. I hope it is just a glitch =(
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    maybe the stress of the wedding will set it back a week or two. lol not that that's a good thing though!
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    That stinks! Here's hoping your cycle is thrown off a bit and you have a nice cruise without that witch af. When FI and I went on our cruise a few years ago, I was due to get mine the day we set sail. Somehow, miraculously, I got it a week early and only had to deal with it 1 day of the cruise. Hopefully, you'll have the same "coincidence."
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    Boo!!! That sucks! I'm going to go w/ the "hopefully stress will mess it up" vibes =)
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    OH no!!!!  I did not think about that, but that is a poss for me too!  I am far enough out that maybe it will's hoping that something triggers it to wait or end early!  :)
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