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Oct WL Challenge

So I totally forgot to weigh myself this morning. I was thinking about it while I was blow-drying my hair and then I just spaced it. I'm a bad Challenge girl.How did everyone's week go? I worked out with my trainer last night (she made me do the plank...twice. ugh.) and I've got another session with her tomorrow. I'm definitely noticing a change in how my clothes fit (and I'm now a solid size 12, down from a 16/18...woo hoo!) even though the scale hasn't really moved much in the past month.Hope everyone had a good week! Let's keep our eyes on the prize...our goal is a 1 lb loss by next Friday.

Re: Oct WL Challenge

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    I suck.  I lost two pounds when the wisdom teeth came out, but I've already gained them back.  :( I have GOT to get to the gym tonight!
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    I forgot to weigh in this morning too =( But, I have a feeling it's not going to be good. We didn't work out for two days and then we went out for pizza last night (and I'm having leftovers for lunch). I was hoping to be a little slimmer when we leave, but I don't think it's going  to happen. Oh-well I'm down 15 lbs since the end of May, so that's better than nothing.
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    I forgot to WI this morning, but will when I get home from work tonight.Ali that's great that you've dropped so many pant sizes!  Congrats!  keep up the good work!
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    i stayed the same as usual.. i blame it on soy sauce w/ my sushi last night! haha ... will see next week goes. i do notice changes in the way i look and feel but not in the scale - good news and frustrating news at the same time.
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