Woohoo! We have the date/venue!

I haven't been around much lately, but we set our date and booked our venue!  May 18, 2012 at the Old Mill in Rose Valley, PA.  Soooo excited!

It looks like I have a lot to catch up on judging by the discussions below! ;) 
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Re: Woohoo! We have the date/venue!

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    congrats on booking a venue. 
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    The Old Mill is gorgeous!  My cousin and my parents were married there!
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    Recovering Actor- that's awesome!  Did you attend your cousin's wedding?  I've hardly heard of anyone who's been to a wedding there so any feedback is appreciated! :) 
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    Hey this is kind of random, but yesterday I was at my family's lawyer and when I told him I was engaged we started talking about wedding venues. He told me got married at Old Mill, I hadn't heard of it until yesterday. He said it was the best food he ever had at a wedding and raved about it. THis was 4 years ago but the same caterer is there. I started checking it out bc of his recommendation.
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    congrats!  Let the real planning begin :)
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    Thanks girls!!  It feels so far away, but I keep hearing it goes so fast.

    Jilly-  The menus look incredible.  I'm glad to hear someone had such a great experience.  I have tons of info from them, so let me you know if you want to know anything if you're considering there. :)
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  • teacup0618teacup0618 member
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  • Hi!  I have been trying to find the perfect venue for my spring/summer 2013 wedding.  I have been looking at the beautiful pictures online of the Old Mill but have not been able to get in contact with the owner.  Do you have any details you could share with me? Does the reception have to be inside? What is the average cost per person and what does that include?  

    I would love any help! Thank you!
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