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Just returned from our DW!

To anyone who is considering a DW -- DO IT! It was so much fun! We had such a fantastic time with all our guests. It was so cool seeing our friends and family roaming around the hotel and running into them HAHA... I know I'm weird, but I though that aspect was really fun!

Re: Just returned from our DW!

  • YEA! Congrats!!  Glad to hear you had a great time!
  • Congrats!  Your siggy pic is gorgeous!
  • Congrats! Love your siggy picture, you look beautiful!
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    [QUOTE]Oh, that is so great to hear!  Thanks for the updated.  Your pic is beautiful!!!  Will you post a list of things that you are sooo happy you did and things you wish you didn't do or you didn't need to do??? 
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    Hmmm... this is actually really hard to do. LOL. I'm really happy we worked out a discounted rate at our hotel/venue for guests. I said this in the first post here, but I LOVE that almost everyone was at the same hotel. It was so fun at night meeting up throughout our stay and running into people. We had such a blast. Quite a few people did NOT stay at our hotel/venue because they felt it was too expensive, and EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM had said they wish they just spent the money and stayed there. It was just so convienent for everyone and fun.

    My wedding was a slightly different DW in the aspect that it was still in the US as opposed to an island or somewhere, so I was able to have my mom drive down with all my things. I don't think I would have been able to take half the stuff with me because it would have been too expensive to ship and there would have been just too much of it.

    I was nervous on spending for the personalized things -- bags, napkins, aisle runner, etc. However, I have to say they were the biggest hit. Everyone noticed the little touches I splurged on. Also, I'm really glad I splurged on decor and hired an amazing florist. A lot of people weren't expecting this grand ballroom and seeing everyone's faces {even I'm sure seeing my expression during the room reveal} was awesome.

    The only thing I wish we did was extend our stay longer. We also had some issue with vendors, ie my hair, so I wish I bought like my own hair lady down with me and things like that.

    I'm also glad we got a videographer. We had a 6 hour open bar and things got pretty crazy and I can't wait to see everything on DVD!

  • Congrats on being a MRS!
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