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Different hotels for DW

I have a question, but it's for a DW that I will be attending, not my own! :)

My friend is getting married at the Excellence resort in Cancun next year. Our wedding will be the following year in 2012. We would love to go and celebrate with her at her wedding and have already talked about it, but after looking at the prices at Excellence it would cost us quite a bit to go just for 3-4 days, especially considering we have our own wedding to save for. Both my FI and I feel that if we were to go, we would want to make a little vacation out of it (since that will probably be the one and only vacation we take before our DW!) and go for 5-6 days. So my question is this: would it be weird or rude if we only stayed 1 night at Excellence (her wedding night, so we could take part in all the festivities) and stay 4-5 nights at a different (cheaper) hotel/resort in Cancun? TIA!! :)

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