Catholic-- Pre Cana

Hey, all. Has anyone done any research on precana-- something near Manayunk/Center City Philly/Fairmount/Conshy would work best.

I travel for work a lot and my fiance works/goes to school, so it's going to be really hard for us to plan.

Thanks in advance for suggestions! you'll save me from calling around.

Re: Catholic-- Pre Cana

  • Try looking at the Archdiocese's website.  Your priest should also be able to give you options.

  • Archdiocese website is the easiest -- you can register on-line. It lists local parish options. I just completed the eight hour PreCana marathon right there at the archdiocese this past Saturday. It was loooong-- but it's over! Good Luck!
  • We did ours at St Katharine in Wayne. I know its a little outside of the area you mentioned but hope it helps!
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  • there's 2 options

    regular precana (either over a period of time, or weekend retreat) which seems to be offered 2x a year (in the spring and in the fall), this obviously depends on the parish.

    online precana (which is 10 courses) - we opted for this because of our schedules, but it's was much longer than expected.
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  • Thanks, girls. I appreciate this. Our priest, who i loved, and I met to discuss wedding plans. Naturally, he was transferred when a few parishes combined this year... Don't really know new priest yet, so thanks for info! 
  • We did the weekend retreat in South Jersey.  Totally recommend it.

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  • I live in Manayunk but because we weren't getting married there we were unable to do Pre Cana at St. John's. We ended up using the Pre-Cana at the church in Bucks County where we got married, Our Lady of Grace.
  • sounds like next round for many local churches is in april from calls I made.
  • We did ours last year at St. Andrews in newtown, bucks county. It was a one day 8hour approx class. I think they run theirs in march an October. Highly recommend!
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