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Anyone else doing STD's for their AHR?

I had one all prepared.. but now I'm hesitating in ordering it. Let me know why or why you aren't doing one.



  • haha COOOL! The poll thing worked lol... just playing with the new board.
  • This is one function of the new board that I really DO like. :)

    To answer your question, I'm not sending STD's for my AHR.  I'll be sending an invite right when we get back, and the event won't be for two or three months after the wedding, so that gives people plenty of time to plan.  Plus, pretty much everyone is local, so they won't have to worry about scheduling days off or making travel plans.
  • I'm doing one.  Most of our guests at the AHR are going to be from out of town (we're doing it in FI's hometown) and it's in the middle of June, which is a busy month, so I want to make sure that it gets on people's calendars.
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