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My wedding is in Jamaica.  So far, very few people are booked to attend the wedding and a lot of the people that planned to attend are now not coming for various reasons.  FI does not want an at home reception because he says he finds it pointless if it is not the real thing.  Originally, I was with the idea of not having an at home reception.  However, now that I hear that so many people are unable to attend, I would like to have one.  So, my question is, what are you planning for your AHR?  Will there be a full menu?  Are you renting out a venue?  I honestly don't want to spend a lot of money on an AHR because the purpose in the DW was to save money.  Please help give me some direction!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you in advance!

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    We are having two AHR's.  One here in California where we both live and one in Minnesota where FI's family and friends are.

    The reason we decided to have an AHR is that since we're having a DW, not all of our friends and family are able to attend for various reasons, yet they still want to celebrate with us!  :)

    Both of the AHR's are going to be totally casual.  We are having one in the back yard of a couple who we are very close with.  At that reception, we're doing casual...finger foods, appetizer type, beer, wine and two signature drinks.  We'll have a DJ there, but only because it's a friend of ours who offered.  Otherwise, we'd have been fine with just CD's playing. 

    For our Minnesota reception, we actually are having that one at a venue.  We're lucky enough to know the owners and they offered to host it.  FI's best friend is doing the entire catering for it so we were especially lucky with that as well. 

    While we're intending to keep both of them "casual", we are still going to do some traditional things like the garter and bouquet toss as well as our "first dance". 
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    I am doing the same thing as Michelle. We're doing an outdoorsy BBQ type AHR. Going to have beer & wine. Not sure if we are going to cater food or do our own BBQ food. But we're also just using an Ipod and stereo system for music. You don't have to go anything fancy if that isn't your style, or if you are trying to save money.

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    Our AHR is pretty much oing to be like a 2nd wedding without the ceremony. It's really formal and will have cake cutting, first dances, and introductions. Also a full sit-down dinner, cocktail reception and "after party" - Late night stuff. Our wedding is going to be so small (17 people total, including us) and my FI has such a huge family and we have so many friend's of our parents and our friends that we wanted to do something really fun...Too bad our wallets aren't going to think its fun!

    I think your AHR should fit your style and budget. If you want to keep it simple then do that or if you want something a little bit more extravagant then do that! Good luck!!
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    Someone asked a similar question yesterday on the other DW Board if you can find it.

    We're doing a "party" and not a reception.  We are doing it cocktail-party style, but having enough food for people to eat a full dinner, we just didn't want the formality of a sit-down, assigned seat dinner.  WE have rented my FI's parents' beach club (but it's a pretty causal venue.)  We plan on having a DJ and dancing, but we do not plan on doing any of the wedding stuff (like the garter toss, etc.).  We are calling it a party to celebrate our recent marriage or something like that.  We just want to be able to spend some time and celebreate with family and friends.

    My cousin did a reception after their DW wedding - it was like a reception - just without the wedding and it was fun and totally fine too.

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    Our AHR will be a brunch.  We'll have a cake cutting and favors but that's the extent of the "wedding stuff."  It will be held at a restaurant and is a 3 hour event.
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    We're probably not doing one.  If we did, it'd be at our house (no way I could talk FI into spending $ on renting space for a party after the party).  At most, we'd order BBQ or tasty food from a local (affordable!) restaurant and bring it back and serve it on disposable plates.  Maybe some cupcakes for dessert. 

    Not fancy at all.  We'd probably just show pics from the wedding on the tv in a slide show, and leave it at that - no ceremony stuff or anything.  We're doing that at the wedding when our parents and closest friends will be there, and it'd be weird to re-do it back home.
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