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NWR: Baby Gifts - maybe some of you Nestie's can help a sista out! :)

Hi Ladies!!  Sorry I've been MIA the past few days.  Mon and Tues is my "weekend" so I was out and about.

Anyway ... so questions for y'all.  When it comes to getting gifts for your friend's kids - I have a few situations right now.  Gimmie your thoughts - 

Senario 1 - Our friends (not like really close friends or anything but friends nonetheless) invited us to their kid's 1st bday party and we couldn't go.  Should I send a gift?  What the heck do you get a little one yr old girl??  Haha!

Senario 2 - Our friends from out of town had a baby in March.  Obvi, we're out of town (and it's really FI's buddy; I've met the wife a few times) so we didn't get a shower invite or anything.  I sent a card right after she was born.  Now, we just got a birth announcement.  Are you supposed to send a gift after receiving a birth announcement? 

Senario 3 - Our local friends (really good buddy of FI - same situation as above) just had a baby a few days ago.  Again, we weren't invited to a shower or anything.  When we go visit them after they bring the baby home, we def bring a gift right?  Or maybe some dinner for the.  Gift AND dinner?  Suggestions??

I'm mainly wondering what the protocol is when you receive birth announcements, but feedback on any of this is appreciated! :)
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