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A check and a question!

Guess who finally ordered her parasols?  ME!!!  Yay!!!

Also, I am hoping someone has a template for programs for the ceremony?  Would you be willing to share?  Or just some general advice on what to include.  I can give you my email address if you have a template!


ETA:  With regard to my beach balls (which I have received!)...should I have them tossed right when we first kiss?  OR should I make sure to kiss twice and have the guests toss the balls during the second kiss?  OR should they toss the balls like they would rice as we walk back up the aisle?

I am thinking I want a photo of our first kiss with no "balls", which is why I think if we kiss twice we can have both shots...but I don't need a photo of a kiss with the balls thrown and think it would be cool if people toss the balls up all at once maybe when we turn to walk back down the aisle....sorry for rambling! lol!
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Re: A check and a question!

  • yay for parasols!!!
    I haven't even thought about programs yet so I am not help there
  • I haven't even thought about programs.

    When it's such a small group is it even necessary? I don't know. I guess I should get on that part of it.
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  • Thanks Sarah!  I wasn't even planning on doing programs but decided I needed them to explain what the beach balls were for...unless I have the groomsman who's handing them out explain it...or have a little note attached to the beach ball itself?  I also have to edit the OP to add some I go!
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  • I've made wedding weekend programs- it didn't seem necessary for the ceremony, as it's a small group and pretty traditional short ceremony, but I wanted to make sure people had a list of the events (welcome cocktail party, etc). I just used Microsoft Publisher, they had some nice templates for wedding programs. I'm going to go buy some nice quality paper to print them out on. 
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  • I would have them toss the balls as you walk down the aisle. I'd be too nervous one would hit me in the head as we were kissing and do some damage with teeth banging against each other or something.
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    I wasn't going to do them either, but I need to explain what to do with these beach balls, lol!  I did think of just having the groomsman explain when he hands them out...but would look into the programs, too!

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    [QUOTE]I haven't even thought about programs. When it's such a small group is it even necessary? I don't know. I guess I should get on that part of it.
    Posted by TerriHugg[/QUOTE]
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  • Yay for parasols!!! I say two kisses than you have the best of both worlds!! Not like you wont want to kiss your new husband more than once i hope ;)
  • Yay for checks! Ill have more after the weekend! I'm no help with programs, I'm not making any. As for beach balls, I think I would do 2 kisses. I wouldn't want to be hit in the face with one when I was walking back down the aisle, although I wouldn't imagine it would be too painful. I'm sure it will be a cute of either way!
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