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Opinions on Tumblers for BM's

Hey ladies! 

So for my bridesmaids I have gotten each of them a personalized tote bag.  To go inside I bought the shoes they are wearing for the wedding.  I plan on getting tank tops and putting "Team Bride" on them and I also wanted to do a water bottle and possibly sunglasses.

Anyways, I get emails from Zulily and one of todays deals is for Tumblers.  They are super cute and come with straws.  So I thought maybe I would do these instead since they are 40% off and are $34.99 for a set of 6 which is how many I need. 

Now I can't decide a pattern.  I have 3 I like. 

The first one I feel is the most fitting because it is tropical looking and has pink.  However, I know that one of my BM's (my sister) is not very keen on pink and probably wouldn't use it. So I also like the other two, but they don't really match my colors or theme.  Does that matter?  Three goes a bit more, but again I have the same problem with the pink....  Which one would you ladies do?

Option 1

Option 2

Option 3

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