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Last Post!!!

I cannot believe the time has come for this.  It's been a long exciting journey and it was that much better since I found this board.  All of the advice from old marrieds and newbie's allowed for a smooth planning process, especially since I spent the better part of my engagement ignoring wedding stuff and focusing on my CPA exam.  You ladies have taught me to not sweat the small stuff, and I haven't!  Even though I don't have my "bridal" undies, it's not the end of the world, lol!

I have made some great friendships here and I look forward to even more with all of you! 

So many old marrieds to thank for bits and pieces of advice and just for the warm welcome that made me want to stick around this board!  Too many to name, and I won't attempt to b/c I don't want to get virtually b**** slapped by any one I may miss as I type with these sleepy eyes. As sweet as they are, they are tough :-p (J/K!!) I love those girls and am so happy we've all made it a point to stay in touch!

Okay, some shout outs coming, don’t hurt me! :-p

Kimmy- you were so organized in your planning/projects. Although I am not even close to being that organized, I was inspired by you to make a packing list which is the very reason I am done packing and able to type this post!
Britt- you always seemed so calm in your planning and that really helped me to not sweat the small stuff! Even though you weren’t sure if your dress would be ready in time, you didn’t break a sweat!
Jen- Loved your wedding fashion, you inspired me to not hold back on the special jewelry I wanted. I mean, it is a wedding after all, and I will really feel special b/c of those splurges.
Another shout out to former knottie Jen aka venus909 for my parasol! It looks amazing and can't wait to see it come together with the wedding!


I am ready to enjoy the sun & beach and of course enjoy it all with my future husband!!  I am beyond ready to marry this man!! One week and counting!!!

See you ladies on the flip side! xo!

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Re: Last Post!!!

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