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My STD came in.....But there wrong!!

I get home from work last night and I am so excited to see My STD came. But then I look at them and they are WRONG!!!  They say " Ryan & Jami Carnival's Cruise Ship Long Beach, CA April 1, 2011." They should say, Ryan & Jami are tying the knot, on Carnival's Paradise Cruise Ship in Long Beach, CA April 1 , 2011."  I e-mailed the place I got them and they were very nice and are going to send me new ones.
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Re: My STD came in.....But there wrong!!

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    Wow, good thing they'll replace them AND that it's just the STD and not the invites.
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    Good company fix their boo-boo!  Glad you're getting the new ones!
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    Did you not approve a proof?  Usually when you order this stuff they send you a final proof that you have to approve before they'll finalize the order.  Make sure you and an impartial person who's a good writer also reads it to make sure you get your spelling, grammar and punctuation correct.
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