Happy Valentines Day!

What are your plans for today?

We celebrated yesterday and are just going to stay home today.

Re: Happy Valentines Day!

  • tafft1tafft1 member
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    Celebrated yesterday and earlier in the week due to me working today. Also considering FI had surgery last weekened and has been in recovery and will be for another 2-3 weeks i took him out to dinner last night. He did surprise me with roses , godiva chocolate and a wonderful card earlier this week - He couldn't get out so he had his dad pick it all up for Him and had him read each card over the phone for him to be sure it would be perfect , LOL ! Hope everyone is doing well !

    On a side note - got a text from one of my good friends back east - her long distance boyfriend just showed up on her door this afternoon totally unexpected , so happy for them both and her , she needed that so much!
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  • Aimee8314Aimee8314 member
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    Happy Valentine's Day!  

    We've had more of a Valentine's weekend....nothing major.  I took him to lunch yesterday and he took me to lunch today.  Did some shopping - and got a gorgeous engraved bracelet.  :) 
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    We dont usually celebrate valentines day, but we did have a nice day off together :)
    Love Melinda

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