good things wednesday

What good things are going on in your lives?

Re: good things wednesday

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    I'm so glad you posted this, I was thinking of doing it too...

    Let's see:
    -We bought our wedding bands a couple of weeks ago, and I cannot wait to wear mine, it's gorgeous
    -Got my rehearsal dinner dress and shoes
    -My hair is growing out nicely!

    -I'm starting work on two new gigs (I'm an actor/choreographer) so that means more of what I love to do, and more money!
    -Looking forward to celebrating Easter at mom's house and not doing wedding things for a bit
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    That I am healthy! My cousin is going through a double mastectomy as I type this. She was just diagnosed with breast cancer earlier this month.

    "Good things everyday" is that I am healthy and that all of you are healthy and are getting ready to experience something great - a marriage!

    I just signed up for the Sacramento Susan G. Kowen walk on 5/8 so if any of you would like to donate and help me reach my goal, please email me at msramel at gmail dot com and I can send you my Susan G. Kowen site. Thanks!
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    Only 20 more days until my final project is due for my Master's. 
    I had time for an extended snuggle session with FI today.
    4 different patrons thanked me for my kindness and niceness.
    I scheduled my last 2 appointments for reception site stuff
    I got my e-pics back.  I like most of them, and love some of them
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    My day sucked, but my venue finally called and we have a weekend picked out to come home and get some WR stuff done.

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