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Warrington CC

I booked the Warrington Country Club and have heard fantastic things... until I came on here. Now I am kinda freaaaking out!! Can someone give me a positive comment about it? haha anything?!

Re: Warrington CC

  • jmh0730jmh0730 member
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    edited December 2011
    I was a MOH in a wedding here back in 2010 and had a fantastic time. The food was really good and it was honestly one of the most fun weddings I have been to. (And I have been to 10+ this year...) It was weird having to walk through the kitchen to go outside for the ceremony, but if you're not having your ceremony here that's not to be worried about. The bride had no complaints about the planning and how things ran the day of... and loved that everything was included -- it made it very easy!
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  • megm42megm42 member
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    I'm getting married in a church.. cocktail hour is in the garden and we have the big ball room ..so nothing is downstairs in that weird room either.  Good to hear : )

    Thank you!!
  • jessa1228jessa1228 member
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    This was the first place I looked when I was venue shopping because it's about 10 minutes from my house and was recommended to me. The prices are fantastic, but I HATED the cocktail room - which you said you are having in the garden, but in the event of bad weather...

    Also, I didn't like that the "bridal suite" was a tiny room with no door lock - I would not have felt comfortable leaving mine or my bridal party's stuff in there.
  • janeneojaneneo member
    edited December 2011
    The food at the cocktail hour was so good that my guy friend and I each gave the wait staff $20 to bring every tray out to us first!  Haha That makes me sound so piggish, but it was reeeaaaallly good! (bacon wrapped scallops-oh yeah!) Tongue out
  • megm42megm42 member
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    hahahaa love it.
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