What does everyone think of pinterest? 

I wish I had it around the time when I was getting married. It would have made all the organization soo much easier. 

I love it so much. Do you use it a lot? 

Also if you don't have an account, I would be happy to send you one. Just PM me your email address. If you do PM me comment here and I will know to check my PMs. 

Re: Pinterest

  • I love it too!  It's very  helpful for keeping everything in one place and gathering ideas. The only downside is that sometimes I look at everything I've pinned and become overwhelmed by everything, wondering what I could actually use for my wedding and how it'll all go together.  Sad but true.  
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  • iiiiii love it too!! but i agree that it gets overwhelming trying to narrow down from all the awesome ideas :)
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  • I love being able to post different ideas, pictures, colors, dresses, flowers, etc. My biggest problem is I like so many things!!
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