Sacramento GTG

Looks like the bulk of us like weekends....
So, let's pick the day.

Vote - and then comment on a location.  :)

Re: Sacramento GTG

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    I voted for the 15th because i'm excited - but I'm free any of 'em.  ha!

    For place.  If we're thinking downtown (it's central) I'd suggest Jack's Urban Eats or Buckhorn.

    Arden is kind of central to most areas of Sac too - I'd suggest Fresh Choice.

    Again - I'm not picky.  So whatever the group decides is coooool with me.
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    I'm actually in Vallejo, but I am free any of the weekends to drive up to Sac. I voted June 5 just because I know I will be out of school.  Fresh Choice sounds good or a Starbucks.
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    I'm not really sure what days I'll have off so far in advance. I know for sure I'll have Saturday May 15th off which is why I chose that option. 
  • kaynix21kaynix21 member
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    I'll be living in town again for June 5th!!! (But there's a chance its my shower...)
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  • adgenyaadgenya member
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    I chose the 16th but can do the 15th too. June 5th is my bachelorette party weekend, so I'll be in Vegas. 

    The Arden area sounds good. I like Starbucks or Chesecake Factory.
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    june 5th is a no go, I will be in seattle. Other than that im free.
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