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QOTD 8/8

Are you growing your hair out for the wedding?  Are you planning a post wedding chop?  Also are you dying your hair for the wedding?
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Re: QOTD 8/8

  • I am not really growing it out.  My hair is on the longish side anyway.  I don't plan to chop it off after the wedding or dye it before.
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    Yes I have been growing my hair out for the wedding. I also have been planning a 'post wedding chop'! lol But the longer it gets the more I actually think I might keep it a little while longer after the wedding. It's going to be coming up on winter after the wedding so I might keep it until the summer. No, I'm not coloring my hair for the wedding.
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  • I did grow mine out for the wedding, and it's driving me crazy!!  It's so thick it takes forever to wash and blowdry when it's long.  We are having a Sunday wedding and leaving Monday night for our HM and my hairdresser who doesn't usually work Mondays said she would come in to chop it off on Monday before we leave!  I really just don't want to spend an hour doing my hair every morning on our HM.  I'm not dying it before though.
  • I have been growing my hair out for a couple of years and yes...for the wedding...I'm considering doing a blunt bang after the wedding....I want to dye it before the wedding but FI wants me to leave it my natural color....so probably not dying it....
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  • I have been growing mine out for the last year but I probably would have done it anyways. At this moment I'm not planning a wife chop since the length is right around where I would want it anyway.

    I am getting some very subtle highlights put in for the wedding. I like my natural colour and I don't want to stray too far from it. I want to be able to look back at our wedding pictures 15 years from now and see myself.
  • I have been growing my hair out for the wedding and taking biotin to help with this. My hair was probably shoulder length and has grown 4 inches or so since I started growing it out. I will probably get some off, but the long hair doesn't bother me......yet. I get highlights so that will definitely be done before the wedding. I've been thinking about also adding subtle red to my hair, so we'll see if I do that before the wedding and if i decide to go back to just blonde! 

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  • I've been growing my hair out for about the last year.  I still get regular trims to take off the dead ends though...what good is super long hair if it's full of straggly ends!  

    I've been dyeing my hair since I was about 15!  I had blonde highlights when I was in high school and college, but a few years ago I switched to a bit darker and richer brown than my natural color with some red highlights.  So, yes I'll be dyeing my hair but not just for the wedding...it' part of my normal hair routine.
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  • I've been growing it FOREVER, and can't wait for my PWC and dye job.
  • I'm growing my hair out.  Might get a little trim to get rid of any split ends, but my hair is medium length right now and I want to keep the length.  There's no way I can grow my hair out long enough (unless I put in extensions and I'm not paying the money for that).  I will get my hair colored and go a little darker than my natural hair color (brown).  After the wedding, I will probably change up my style a bit.
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    I tend to chop mine off every couple years to donate. This past april would have been when I would have donated but I didn't so it's extra long now. I'll probably donate it next April instead. FI is loving my long hair. It's been awhile since it was this long. I will be having my hair colored for the wedding. A nice dark brown with red tones in it. I normally box color but for the wedding I'm having my stylist do it the wednesday before the wedding. That's also when we'll be doing my hair trial (so we don't forget what she does). I'm kinda nervous about having my hair trial so close to the wedding, what if I don't like the style? She is the lady I've been going to since I was very little so I do trust her, just nervous about it.

    ETA for the girls who are going to "wife chop", if it's at least 8in please consider donating it. There are several organizations out there. PM me if you'd like more info.
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  • I've been growing my hair out for awhile, but more so now with the wedding.  I want my long hair back like it was right after I had my son, it was down to my waist, I want that but a little shorter.  My hair fades to an ashy brown alot in the summer months, so yes a few weeks before I'll be getting dyed to my natural deep brown.  Post wedding chop-No!
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  • I've been growing my hair out and I'm definitely ready to cut it! I keep it medium to long anyway, its just past the point where I usually cut it and is getting more difficult to work with. I'll get it cut to a better length after the HM. I'm a natural blond and I've never dyed my hair and probably never will. Every stylist I've been to tells me it's too beautiful to ever color.
  • I always had long hair and chopped it a few years ago.  I've been working on growing it out ever since.  I do not plan on doing a post wedding chop.  I really missed long hair!
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  • Definitely have been growing it out for, not only the wedding, but because I love my hair long. I chopped it off with my MOH about two years ago, we did the cute bob...long in front short in back. I HATED every day of it. I don't care for my hair down a lot and I always had to style it. So I am goin back to my typical long hair. I have never dyed my hair, and won't for the wedding either.
  • I had cut my hair rather short about 3 years ago and disliked it so much that I haven't really cut it since (I trim it now and then). But now it's so long and annoying that I think as soon as the wedding is past, I'm chopping it! I haven't dyed it in years, and I don't think I'm going to start up. But cutting it-- yeah, that's on the agenda.
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  • I've been growing my hair out for a year and a half.  I stopped dying it 2 years ago, so I could donate it after the wedding.  I dream about my wife chop every morning it takes 30 mins to blow dry my hair...  Wife chop and I'm either going darker or red post wedding!
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  • I'm getting my hair trimmed a bit for the wedding, but I have really long hair (down to just above my butt) and I'm planning on wearing it down or mostly down because it's so long and I never wear it down (it's always braided for work to be out of my way). No dying and no major cut after the wedding :-)
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    My hair is down to the middle of my back and I just go for regular trims to keep it healthy.  I plan on leaving it the same after the wedding.  I regularly highlight my hair with two colors and adjust the ratio of light to dark pieces seasonally.  I have an appointment for 9/22 for my pre-wedding highlight.  I also plan to keep the same routine after the wedding.
  • I'm growing mine out.  I usually have chin length or shorter, so shoulder length is pretty good for me!  I haven't dyed my hair in like 4 years now.

  • I am growning my hair out/just keeping it long for the wedding. Considering this has been the hottest summer ever and I work out in an unairocnditioned garage, there have been SEVERAL times I almost took a pair of scissors to my hair myself!!  I do plan on chopping it off after the wedding, probably to about my shoulders or right above.  I don't dye my hair, so I don't have to worry about that!
  • I have always had long hair, so it being long for the wedding is nothing terribly unusual. I did let my layers grow out and my bangs as well, so I will get those put back in after the wedding. I have been dying my hair, the underneath that is, for a while now. It is a burgandy black color, and I will have it dyed that color for the wedding.

    I haven't decided yet how much I will cut off after the wedding, I am ready for a change, but my hair has also not been this long for a while. So we shall see.

    I strongly agree with CFM tho! If you do the wife chop and you have more than eight inches definitely donate it! I have donated my hair three time, the first time being in fifth grade... 10 inches! This last time I donated it was 14! Never again will I go that short tho, lol. It was not pretty. That was about three years ago, and I am definitely due for another donation. So if I do cut it that's where it's headed.
  • I've been growing my hair out, with regular trims, for over a year and a half (it was really short before).  It's been so hot this summer that I've considered chopping it all off more than once.  I am planning on getting a post-wedding chop, but I'll just do a trim initially and then chop it all off in April next year.  I've made the mistake of cutting my hair very short (above shoulders) in November; my neck was very cold the entire winter.  I've never dyed my hair and I'm not planning to. 
  • i was growing my hair for over a year so it would be long for my wedding day but i had planned to chop it off afterwards.  i realized, for me at least, this was a terrible idea beucase my long hair was getting in my way.   i cut mine short in march and then even shorter a few weeks ago (ear length now!).  i love it short adn so does my fiance...so i'm keeping it short:)  no dying though, i haven't dyed my hair since i was a teenager!
  • I've been growing my hair out for about a year with trims. My hair has never been this long. At first I hated it but now I'm kind of liking it.  Still will do some sort of post-wedding chop though!  I dye my hair regularly.... silly grays! But I think I'm going to get it professionally done at the end of the month though.
  • I had started growing it out when we got engaged in 2010 but last year I just couldn't take how scraggly it started to look so I got quite a good chunk cut off.  I have been growing it out since then and while it isn't as long as I would imagine it would have bee I think it is a long as I need for the style I want.

    I do plan to get it chopped shorter after the wedding. When I was in my teens and young twenties I would grow it out long get it cut short.   Then a few years ago I got it short and stuck with it until I had to grow it out.  I am ready to be short again.
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  • I've been growing it, and have an appt the day after we get back from our honeymoon to get it chopped!
  • I've been growing out my hair for some time now, and not just for the wedding, recovering from a bob a couple years ago. :)

    I'm still in the air about cutting it after the wedding. My grandmother was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer back in February and underwent chemo and lost all her beautiful long hair, so to support her my mom shaved all her hair off too and donated it. Because of this I've decided to donate my gown to Brides Against Breast Cancer and I'm really considering cutting off enough to donate to Locks of Love or other organization. But like I said I prefer my hair being longer.

    I love my hair color and I have never really dyed it. A few highlights here and there, and the very bottoms blue back in high school. But I won't be doing any of that before or after the wedding.

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  •  I have grown my hair out... it is longer than it has ever been...
    TAKES FOREVER TO WASH OH MY GOSH and it is so thick and wavy... I have split ends
    but having a trim/ cut/dye job this weekend... then root touch up 1 week before the wedding...

  • my mother INSISTED i grow my hair out for the wedding! it almost hits the small of my back..and she STILL won't let me cut it! LOL I am DEFINITELY chopping it off after the wedding :) 
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  • I usually cut about 1.5 to 2 inches off my hair every 3 months, but stopped that 6 months ago to let it get a little longer. I always keep it on the shorter long side if that makes sense! I plan on trimming about a week before the wedding, just a tiny amount, so it is healthy looking. Also, I just dyed it for the first time. I went basically my natural color but I dyed out the greys. I have about 20 random grey hairs on the top of my head and they drive me NUTS! Jeez, I'm only 26!! I'll dye one more time before the wedding. I don't know of I will chop it off after the wedding though.
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