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    I had my hair short, but about this time last year I caught wind that FI, who was still BF at the time, was planning to propose. So I figured I'd get a head start on growing it so I could guarantee it'd be the length I wanted for the wedding. Talk about preplanning, LOL! It's a little past my shoulders now and that's about as long as it ever gets. I don't think I'm going to cut it again after the wedding because it's just easier to deal with when it's long...if I'm lazy and don't feel like styling, I can just throw it in a ponytail and be done with it! As for dye...I'm considering it? I've never dyed my hair before so the prospect is mildly terrifying, but like mbuckley just said, I've been noticing a lot of gray hairs lately and I definitely don't want that for the wedding! If I dye it at all, I would want to keep it my natural color and just cover the grays. WTH, I'm only 28, I shouldn't have to deal with gray hair already...I think wedding stress is turning me into an old lady, LOL.
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  • Kind of....I started late. My hair is around my shoulders now. I have no patience for my hair growing out. But it's so thick that it gets really bushy when it's long.

    I'll probably cut it to around my chin after the wedding. I want to dye it a shade darker or so just to get a richer color, not so mousy
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  • I've been growing mine out for about two years now, so it's not just for the wedding.  I like my hair longer and so does FI so I won't be cutting it after the wedding.  I have to get it colored to hide my grays :'( so I'll be doing a root touch up and a glaze for extra shine a few weeks before the wedding.
  • I've been letting my hair grow longer than usual for the wedding, and it will DEFINITELY be getting quite a bit shorter in the  months following the wedding. I am not having it dyed, I've got some really nice natural highlights now and it will look great just how it is.
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  • I wanted my hair to be a lot longer for the wedding but I swear it just doesn't grow. I've only had 2 trims this year. My hair is VERY healthy and my stylist doesn't think I need to trim it more often. She usually gets away with only trimming half an inch each time I go. I do dye my hair on a regular basis to cover grays so I'm dying it about 2 weeks before out of a box like I always do and its my natural color dark brown. I would never change up just for the wedding..I want to look like me. No PWC for me. I want my long hair back even if it takes me YEARS. Its shoulder length and layered. I wanted it midback for the wedding so I may get some extensions or use a clip in piece I have!
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  • I am growing out my hair. As it was growing my hair was getting dull so I started using the the john frieda blonde shampoo so my hair is getting lighter and glossier. I havent colored my hair in a couple of years  and I usually change the color every 2 years and I started to get the itch to change the color but I am holding off until after the wedding. I already told FI I will be cutting my hair back to shoulder length again but he doesnt want me to, he said he likes it long. So if I dont cut it I will at least change the color to either a light or medium brown, or a redish blonde. I havent decided yet. 
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  • I am dying my hair, I've had it some pretty wild colours in my day and my stylist and I are int he process of evening it all out. I am also growing it out. My hair grows overtly fast and I cannot wait to chop it all off!
  • I'm growing it out a little bit. I normally wear it long anyways so just have a couple extra inches. I plan on chopping it back to my shoulders shortly after the wedding. I would love to dye my hair brown like I did a couple of years ago, but I'm naturally a very light blonde and my mom would cry. Also because I am so fair and the colour is dark there is way too much maintenance with the colour touchups.
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  • I am a long hair type girl but I found that its hard for stylists to do updos with super long hair-it makes it very heavy and difficult to keep the hold all day/night.
    I cut 19 inches off my hair and donated it in the middle of may.
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