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Am I forgetting something????

You know that feeling you get when you go on vacation....did i turn off the coffee pot?, did i shut the garage door?, etc....

I am getting that feeling about the wedding....like there is something major that i am forgetting.  I have looked at TK's checklist (both checked off items and things yet to do)....and i cant see what it is that i am forgetting...

OR is this just the excitement building up????

Anyone else getting this feeling?

Re: Am I forgetting something????

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    I know exactly how you feel!  I still have things left on my to do list, but I feel like I'm forgetting other things too (what I don't know LOL)!  You're definitely not alone!
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    I've been feeling this way for the last two months- sleepless nights lying awake running over and over the list and finding nothing but feeling something is supposed to be there and itsn't. I really hope it gets better, or I just resign to let whatever "it" is go. I need sleep! And less stress.

    Here's hoping we get some mental relief!
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    I feel the same way . . .
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    I know exactly how you feel.  Sometimes it goes away a little bit when I get something done on my checklist.  It makes me feel a little more in control again. 
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    Let us know as soon as you realize what we are all forgetting...lol...I feel the same way!
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    When I figure it out....the day after the wedding....I will let you know!!!  I have all my DIY projects completed.  Rings are being picked up on Friday 9-28. The license is being picked up the following Friday 10-5.  Tuxes are being take care of on Sunday 9-30.  The officiant is being paid on 9-28.  All that is left is the reception dinner and I will pay that after it is over (yes, after it is over)....on 10/20.  So....what is it that I feel I am forgetting....I have no freaking idea!!!!

    After typing this out, I just realized how much I dont have left to do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Yes, absolutely. It makes me wish I'd hired a coordinator or something, to be like, "Uh, duh, you need __."
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    I feel the same way- for so long it was I have to do x, y, and z. And now that I only have to do z, It feels like there should be more things I still need to do.

    Most of the the things on my list are the week before confirmations. I think ;)
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    Same here, so you obviously aren't alone! It's getting so hard for me to concentrate and focus at work because I CONSTANTLY have stuff running through my head for the wedding and I keep feeling like I'm forgetting things. I think it just comes with the territory! :-)
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    I have been doing the same. I've started writing stuff down in my phone as soon as it comes to mind.
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