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When I sent the invitations I asked for RSVPs by October 1st. I have gotten 1 rsvp. I posted on facebook asking if people are coming and so far we've heard a negative on most. We invited 75 people and it's looking like only 30-35 people are coming. If I had known so many people were going to skip out, I would have chosen a small less expensive venue. So far all the friends who begged to be invited and family who said its just plain rude not to invite them have also cancelled. Honestly I guess I'm glad its a smaller wedding but this is just ridiculous. 
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    I know how you feel :(  We invited 159 people...only 85 are coming.  So just a little over half.  WTF.  After the RSVP deadline, we still were waiting on 80+ people to respond, almost all of which were no's.  We still are waiting on a few more people but today is the last day we are waiting to hear from them.  No response = no.  I'm extremely disappointed that half of our guests declined.  I know people have other stuff going on in their lives and can't drop everything just for my wedding, but some of these people have known when this wedding was for months (like 9 months in advance) so it really hurt my feelings when they declined.  A lot of the people who declined, I have known forever so I can't help but take it personally.  :(

    I know it's really frustrating...understand you are not alone! 
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    I am in same boat. It stinks....
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    I feel your pain. Right now I'm dealing with several wishy washy people who "want to come but have to work something out...well i'm not sure, let me get back to you...well I have another thing but I'll try to squeeze you in....".and this has been going on for weeks.

    I understand people have things to work out. But if after several weeks, you still haven't worked it out, just man up and decline. I actually had to tell a friend to not come. Not because I didn't want her there, but because she had come up with a ridiculous plan to fit in dropping off her son, delivering my flowers, attending the ceremony, attending the cocktail hour, dashing off to a pub for a birthday party, all the while not having a car, no guarantee of a babysitter, and by they way you're pregnant so when the heck are you going to eat?. (why my pregnant friend wants to go to my cocktail hour and then a pub, don't even get me started)
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