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Travel Insurance

For those ladies who are using or in the past have bought travel insurance who did you use?

Re: Travel Insurance

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    The hm is the first time I've bought it. I got travel guard. It was about 112 for a 3k trip to Mexico. If you booked awhile ago your coverage can be more limited. There is a site where you can comparison policies. Tripadvisor had a lot of useful info on this.
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    We went through a travel agent to book our honeymoon so they automatically added insurance to the quote. I would check out what PP said.
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    I just bought travel insurrance for my son... going on a 3 day vacation to NY state...
    we went wiht RBC (royal bank of canada) but that is because that is the bank I am with..

    cost 28$ for FULL coverage... but would be the same for 3 days or a week or 2...
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