October 2012 Weddings

rehearsal dinner

Tonight was our rehearsal dinner.  It was lovely, mostly FI's family from out of town who no one has seen in many years.  Everyone was so excited to be together and celebrate a happy occasion.

Everything was great until later in the night when FMIL wanted a picture of FI, me and 2 FSILs.  I posed and one of them flipped out and refused to be in the picture because I took her pose.  BTW, she's 29.  She is upset because her BF is sick and opted to stay home so he can come to the wedding tomorrow and last night the family dog broke her phone that she just had replaced, but guess what.  It's my day! 

I am not a bridezilla but FSILs seem to think tomorrow is their day and I'm just ruining it.  I am pulling them both aside during make up in the morning and explaining things to them in a firm, but polite way. 

On a side note, I asked all BMs not to fake tan before the wedding.  I feel it makes people orange.  I told them I don't care about tans, as long as they're natural and no visible lines for pictures.  The same FSIL whose pose I stole showed up at the rehearsal orange as the fruit.  I am not happy.
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