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One week!! This weekend's to-do list is quite long, but I'm very motivated.  Hopefully I get it all done!!  

How are you ladies' checklists looking?

Re: AHHH!!!

  •  Very Long for this weekend and we have our jack/jill party tonight...Im scared to drink to much because I need to be productive tomorrow :)
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  • I still have 2 weeks so I should be good!   there are still some things to do (make name cards, test all battery powered tea lights, find more lace tabelcloths!!) but i'm not too concerned.
  • Things are coming together.  I am leaving tomorrow for my hometown where the wedding will take place and have my daily lists of to-dos once I am there!  One thing I want to schedule is a massage!  I just got the email from my reception coordinator detailing everything so that's nice to have completed.  One of my big to-dos is meeting with my decorator and making sure she knows what to do with all of my stuff!  If I have time, I am going to set up some practice tables at my dad's house and take pictures.
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  • Today
    -pay off caterer (done!)
    - finish card box
    - clean my kitchen
    - eat a good meal (stress has been getting to me this week)
    - sleep
    - possibly call pianist on music
    - practice my "surrpise" piece before I practice with my co-conspiritor

    - 10 am Hair trial / consult (need to find the place too)
    - 3 pm 2nd and hopefully final fitting
    - 5 ish practice my surprise with my conspirator and work out logistics

    At some point
    -Call the pianist with final music selections (is it bad that I haven't spoken to him yet?)
    - Finalize Ceramony detail & give to the pastor
    - Finalize program and give to print shop for printing
    - Figure out weekend & day of timelines & inform key people
    - Establish clear contacts / roles
    - Add music for the reception MP3 player
  • 1 week from tomorrow.....wow
    Just picked up my dress, so that is done.

    Still To-Do:
    -pack up decor & take over to my IL's & DOCs to take them from there
    -finish wire hangers (today) & hair flowers for BMs
    -wrap all presents
    -pick up linens Friday & unfortunately fold 100 napkins (eyeroll)
    -finalize wine box ceremony (what all it involves) & write the love notes
    -cake topper & ribbon to bakery on Wed
    -buy candy (this weekend)

    I think that's it!!!

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