Photographer Pricing?

I was just wondering what the average cost for a photographer is in the DC area?  A family friend offered to do ours, but even with his discount it seems like alot.  I'd like to get some other prices to compare.


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    Our total price for our photographer is $1800.  That included our engagement portraits and all prints electronically.  This is the cheapest one we found (and actually lucked out and her work is great).  Most photographers I looked at were around the $3000 range and up.

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    I'd say 3K+ is average for DC - not including prints (just including all photos on a disc with printing rights)

    We went with Cassidy DuHon from DuHon Photography, his work is very artistic, and truely a work of art - the cost was 2850 and included 8 hours of photography with 2 photographers and full printing rights.  Worth every penny - I could not be more pleased with him and his work.
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    My wedding will be in Miami, FL, but all the photographers were around $4000-5000. With one exception at $2500. Hope that helps!
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    Our photography will run about $4,000.  That includes the engagement portrait session, 8 hours of wedding day photography, album with prints (sorry, I can't remember the number of prints).  We've already used some of the electronic files of the engagement session (for our Save the Date postcards).  I cannot recall the arrangement for access/use of electronic files of the actual wedding photos.
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    I have a photographer and we lucked out with her. But most of the photographers in the area are running 2500-5000.

    I did find others that were cheaper but I had to hunt for them.


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    thanks everyone!
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    If you are looking for a lower price range with excellent quality and traditional style, try Ray at Leesburg Photo.
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    I'm using StudioBlue (I think I even found them from theKnot).  For 6 hours of coverage with one photographer, a wedding album, full rights, and an engagement session, it was less than $2000 (I don't remember exactly how much).  So far, they have been a pleasure to work with, and take into account your personal taste when assigning your photographer.
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    my friend recently got married and her photographer was Brenda Murphy. She has amazing prices and amazing photos to go along with it. She also shot my Trash the Dress photos!!! 
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    Our wedding photography is $1500 for 6 hours with all high reso photos.  200 edited photos and they are stunning.  Got all the right to make any copies.  Very very happy with our photographer and you can check them out:  Carmen Wang Photography.
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