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Any good recommendations for limo companies?  =-)

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    I have hear that Chariots for Hire are really good, but with everything there are good and bad reviews. I can tell you more after 1/15.

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    Stay away from Chariots for Hire!
    We had a terrible experience with them on our wedding day- 9/18.

    We rented a shuttle bus/motorcoach to transport the guests to all the different venues.  The reason we went COH was because they "owned" their fleet.  The day of we come to find out that they had chartered a bus for our guests and the driver (who worked for the other company) had no idea the details of the day.
    We had 55 missing guests for the first hour of our wedding----
    but the worst part was is how they handled it.  No one was ever available to take our complaint and refused to call us back.

    Come to find out in November that this seems to be pretty typical of them.  There are several reviews of recent weddings were the same thing happened to those customers.

    COH is a friend of our's company- imagine the service you are going to get if you don't have a connection!  Use another company!!
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    We used Chariots for Hire for our 7/10/10 wedding and they were great. The limo bus driver got a bit confused taking the guys to the church (backstreets of Georgetown) but DH knew exactly where to go.

    I thought their prices were reasonable as well. We had two guest shuttles (30ish person) for 80 guests and a limobus (had a BP of almost 20) and I think we paid right around $1200.

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