When did you get your wedding dress?

Hi Everyone,
How many months before your wedding did you look for your wedding dress?
I'm still little over a year away. Is it too ear;y to start looking?

Also how bout bridesmaid dresses when you start looking for them ?


Re: When did you get your wedding dress?

  • I found and put a deposit on mine in January...I didn't plan on finding THE dress. I just wanted to get an idea of what looked good on me and I wanted to try on a Marisa dress. But once I  put THE dress on OMG I felt so wonderful in it. Oh and ummmm my wedding isn't until September 2013.

    As far as BM dresses,  I haven't  even picked my BMs yet but I already know the "style" of dress I want them to wear.

    So I say all that to say..."you can start looking now!" lol 
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  • I've started looking about 11-12 months before my wedding date... went only one store per weekend. And bought mine about 8 months before the wedding.

    We dont have a bridal party, so didnt had to look into bridesmaid dresses.
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  • I'm going dress shopping this week, which is 10 months before my wedding. I would like to buy a dress by the 9 month mark. For my friend's wedding, we purchased our bridesmaid dresses 5 1/2 months beforehand.. they're expected to come in about 2 months before the wedding.
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  • For my wedding coming up this May, I picked out my dress and ordered it in late September, and it arrived in October. My bridesmaids dresses were picked out in October, and all of them were ordered by the end of December.
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  • I ordered my wedding dress back in July 2011 for my July 2012 wedding. It's still not in, but it's supposed to be in within the next week or so.
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  • My wedding is May of next year and I bought my dress last month.  I knew what I wanted and got a deal that I couldnt pass up. I do want to pick out bridesmiads dresses sooner than later so my girls will have enough time.
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  • I bought my dress at 11 months out. I'm taking my girls BM dress shopping next week.
  • I would say rule of thumb is to give it at LEAST 6-9 months for your gown and 4-5 months for BMs.  Good luck!
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  • Definitely give yourself enough time!! I ordered my dress in the beginning of last August - it just came in this month for my wedding in May.
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  • I started looking at wedding dresses in January 2011 for my July 2012 wedding.  I ordered my dress in May 2011 and it did not come in until January 2012

    Bridesmaid dresses I ordered in February 2012 and they should be in May 2012.
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    I got engaged end of December 2011 and got mine in Jan of 2012,  I'm getting married in July 2012 so I was in a hurry. I know at the salon they said I might have to pay for a rush so I would have at LEAST 7 months to allow for alterations. Mine comes in the month before my wedding so 6  months leaves room for a lot of worrying!
  • Thanks all!!! I'm getting married May 2013... so I might next just start looking and trying on dresses!!
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