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Hello all-
We're researching caterers for a DC area wedding. Most of the proposals we've received thus far do not factor in gratuity- we've read that in general 15-20% is appropriate. However, one proposal we've received does include gratuity- at 25%! I don't mind if they include it because it makes the total cost more apparent, but that just seems high to me. Is this normal? I'm inclined to ask them if it's a mistake, but then, it is DC. Everything seems to be more expensive.

Any input would be appreciated- thanks.

Re: Gratuity-caterers

  • edited December 2011
    I've noticed that some caterers do it, and others don't.  Personally, I'm selecting a caterer that doesn't.  They have a caveat in the contract that says the gratiuity should be earned, and you should tip what you feel is appropriate at the end of the night.  I liked that they recognized they have to deserve a tip, rather than feeling like it's just another added cost to the proposal. 

    If you wanted, you could ask them to take that out and allow you to determine the gratuity at the end of your event, or ask them to adjust the rate to the standard 20% (most proposals I've seen has it at 20, not 25). 
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