Because I need something else to stress about...

SIL (one of the BMs) is getting her hair dyed the day of our wedding. Yell

She won't be hanging out in my suite (ALL other BMs - six - will be) getting her hair and make-up done, she's going to meet us - and the limo - at the hotel to go to the ceremony.

I swear to all that is holy, if she is her usual hour-late self, I will leave her butt on the sidewalk and she can walk.

Ugh, why can't she just play nice and not be such a princess? (Can you tell she's only a BM because my mom told me to pick her?)
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Re: Because I need something else to stress about...

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    I know she's not the bride, but many have strongly suggested that having one's hair dyed the day of is a bad idea.  For one thing, in case the color isn't set, it won't get on the gown.  Hmmm, can you find an article and email it to her and then she can make her own informed decision?  Can't imagine the salon where she's having it done would recommend such a thing.  I had my hair dyed and highlighted the week before our wedding, as recommended by my hair stylist/colorist.
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    I had my future MIL tell me that she was having her own hair and makeup person come to the hotel....this is months after I emailed her to confirm that she wanted me to schedule her for hair and makeup and never received a response.  I was a little offended that she wasn't going to use the people that I spent months researching and meeting with, but I guess that is her choice.  Hopefully it works out for her!

    Never a good idea to color your hair the day of!
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    Oh I totally know this - but she's a nut case (to put it kindly).

    I really think she just has a problem with anyone else having any kind of spotlight and attention and just doesn't want to be around it - which is fine, because she and I don't particularly get along, and she doesn't with any of the other BM's. She also backed out of the b-party weekend after the hotel had been booked.

    I've just hit my breaking point with her. If she wants to get her hair dyed that day (or that could have just been an excuse) then that's fine. But I refuse to wait for her or allow her to dictate the day or how it goes. I just will NOT let her ruin our party!!
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    My sister is acting similar to your SIL.  It bothered me a lot that she was always causing a problem or making rude comments about what I had planned / picked out.  Not to mention (long story short) she knew when my fiancee was going to propose and she and her boyfriend of 3 months got engaged the day before me.  Now she's pregnant and is making drama out of everything.  What I have done to make it through is to ignore her and go on with my plans.  I give her the details and if she can't/won't do it then she has to figure it out for herself.  She dropped out of the B'lette party as well as planning the shower and frankly - it's better she isn't involved.  If every other BM is going along with the plans and you have the support of your family - then try (I know it's hard) to let her not bother you. 
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