State Park Wedding? Affordable Outdoor Venue? Help!

Hi Everyone, 
I am looking to plan our wedding for around 5k if possible. We do have some wiggle room, but not much. 
We are absolutely set on an outdoor wedding, and the theme is like Enchanted Forest at this point. My fiance and I are both very much into the outdoors, i.e. hiking, backpacking, etc. seems like a state park wedding might be pretty perfect for us, esp because we don't have $4500 to spend on JUST THE VENUE which seems to be the average price for some of these beautiful outdoor farmish/forest type places that we like. SO my question is: does anyone have experience with a park wedding in georgia??
How much does it usually cost?Can you have a reception there as well as ceremony?Is alcohol ever allowed? (we like to get down and have fun!)
Also, any ideas for CHEAP outdoor venues with a naturey foresty feel would be greatly appreciated (around metro Atlanta). So many places I look are either outrageous just to rent the place for the night, or require you to use their catering which is over priced and who knows if its any good. I think we could do up to may 2k for the reception and ceremony venue. 
Sorry for the long post. Thank you brides!!! <3

Re: State Park Wedding? Affordable Outdoor Venue? Help!

  • Check out Sweetwater State Park. Its abou 20 minutes west of Atlanta. 

  • You should check out Roswell River Landing. It is state owned I think so very affordable, but books fast!
  • A bunch of the state parks have wedding-specific websites, and a few have hotels so you could still have booze. They are very reasonably priced. 
  • We are probably going to be doing September around 110 people. Gotta have
  • Indian Springs State Park has a beautiful rustic pavilion and indoor reception site. Its located in Flovilla, GA which is in middle GA I-75 south. I saw pictures on my photographers blog and it looked gorgeous! Here is the link:

    Also, here is the link to GA State Parks weddings:
  • I know this is probably too late for the original poster- but just in case there are others like me just perusing the discussion boards....

    I  am from Pine Mountain (planning from Washington) and will be getting married at the Ida Cason Memorial Chapel in Callaway Gardens and then having my reception at FDR State Park's Group Shelter. Its $150 for the day for the shelter and then another $35 for us to use the lawn in front (we are having tailgate-themed games like cornhole, etc). They said on the phone that they allow alcohol INSIDE the shelter- not sure if that's true, but we'll find out I gues. s
    I know the park also offers wedding ceremony options, although I didn't look into them.
    Pine Mountain has a lot of other attractions that can entertain out-of-town guests and has beautiful scenery for outdoor weddings.
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