Greystone at Piedmont

Has anyone had any experience with this venue? We're planning this largely long distance so if anyone has any specific guidance I'd really appreciate it.

We have about 200 people coming, mostly from out of town. That said, a lot of people are probably taking cabs, or walking from the hotel (we hope to find one close) but we probably will still have a good number who will drive. Any experience with the parking facility or parking situation?

I used to live around Midtown so I'm aware of how difficult it can be, but I can't remember if there are garages there that I can direct people to.

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    They built a parking garage a little while back and it's relatively close to where you will be having your wedding. I think they offer golf carts to transport guests. Just make sure you keep your guest count at or around 200 because it will only hold 250. Good thng about that venue is they offer tables and chivari chairs in the rental. I can't think of any hotels that are within walking distance but the sales person at the park should be able to help you with that.
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    Thank you! I think we'll hire a couple of golf carts for our elderly guests and luckily, I found out that a couple of the hotels have complimentary shuttles to Piedmont Park. So that's a relief.

    Did you get married there? Would you recommend it? And one last question if you did, do they have an area to change your clothes? We're doing an Indian wedding that requires a wardrobe change!
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    I had a friend look at it for her wedding but once she found out the capacity she ruled it out. Her guest count was over 300. I like venues that provide tables and chairs. It's one less thing to rent. I'm sure there is a room you can use to change. Since you are planning a wedding from out of town I suggest hiring a planner/coordinator to help you. :)
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    We considered Greystone but ruled it out early and did not go for a site visit. The two main reasons were: 1) It is FAR from parking. Yes there is a parking facility, but it is still quite a walk to Greystone. See the map on Piedmont's site here (<--link). Greystone is # 11.  # 2 reason is that the terrace area where you will have the ceremony is right overlooking the swimming pool. We didn't think that was too hot.

    My biggest recommendation to you is to collect your top list of places and then make a short visit to Atlanta to see them in person. Even living in the city, I was so shocked that ALL of my favorite venues that I gathered from looking online severely disappointed me when I looked at them in person. I almost freaked out because I had spent soooooooo many hours doing my research online and couldn't believe the difference. It wasn't that the places were being deceptive, it's just that you really have to see it yourself to get the whole feeling of a place.

    I also agree with PP that you should have a coordinator, especially since you are doing this from out of town. I highly recommend Daria MacGregor with Circle of Love Weddings. If you do come to Atlanta to check out venues, it would be good to have a few wedding planners lined up so that you can meet with them and pick one based off of who fits your needs best.

    Happy planning!
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    I recently had my wedding there (11/11/11) and it has both advantages and disadvantages, all depending on your wedding.  It was pretty good for us!

    Parking:  The garage is not too far from the facility, a short 2-minute walk tops!  However, parking is NOT free.  You can prepay for your guests at a discounted rate.  The golf carts did a pretty decent job for us!  They also allow one personal vehicle in the park that can come directly to the facility for any disabled/handicapped guests that you have.

    The terrace overlooking the pool was not an issue for us since our wedding was in November.  If you are having an evening wedding, it probably wont be an issue either.  Check to see the operating times for the pool.  Also, park patrons were very few, and they are typically unobtrusive!

    I highly doubt it could hold 250 guests comfortably, but that is just IMO.  We had about 160 guests.  I agree 200 would be tops if you want all your guests in the dining hall.

    Feel free to message me if you have any more questions!!!
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    Wow, thank you for the responses!

    mrsbrantley : Where did you end up having your wedding? I'm in the research mode still, so I'm open to alternative ideas!

    PetiteBride1: Thank you so much for your response! It's so nice to hear from someone who went through the process. I don't think we're planning on having the ceremony on the terrace - just our cocktail hour. However, this is all in my head and i haven't visited yet. May I ask you how much the golf cart rental was? Thank you!!
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    Im getting married here on 11.2.12 where did you ladies do your first dance and make your entrance?
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