Hello Everyone! Newbie with GREAT Inexpensive Venue with Lake! :-)

To introduce myself my name is Shawny & My fiance's is Jeff. He is in the Military & is Currently Overseas. (Fortunately he will be back a month before the wedding!)  We have two daughters & our wedding date is October 6,2013. I am excited to get to know everyone and if anyone has any questions to ask me, ask away! I stalked "The knot" for a while before I joined and I liked that everyone is kind of badass in a way lol. Everyone speaks their minds which is fine with me! I will take brutal honesty over a dishonest lie anyday!

Anyways, what I am really writing about is my venue! I wasn't going to tell anyone about it but I was being selfish (according to my fiance lol). So the venue that we are getting married at is called The Lakehouse At Avondale Estates. Their price is AMAZING! We are renting on a Sunday & it is only 1200! You are allowed the rental ALL DAY which I love! Literally you can come in at 9 and leave at 11 that night. They allow you to bring in whatever you like, or you can use their tables & chairs and they will set them up for you. You can bring your own alcohol also! They have a Calendar on their website also.

There is a lake out front (which we will take advantage of!) & There's a gazebo that is not included but you can pay an additional fee. Idk how much it is but it's cheap also lol.  I LOVE the bridge & it's in a really quiet neighborhood.  I just thought I would share with everyone now that our date is set in stone lol.

WARNING: It may take a while to get in contact with the person in charge. Her name is Julia but if you are patient and leave a message, she will probably get back in contact with you. Trust me, I call a million times lol. Wink

This is the website hope you all enjoy:

*~Real Heroes Don't Wear Capes; They Wear Dog Tags~*

Re: Hello Everyone! Newbie with GREAT Inexpensive Venue with Lake! :-)

  • wow that is a beautiful place! Thanks for sharing! 
  • Thank  you for the info!! I live in Decatur and this place looks great! Thanks for sharing this great find, definitely going to look into it!
  • You're welcome! :-) It is a really pretty place and it is like a hidden gem lol! I believe that Avandale Estates is right behind Decatur so you are in luck!
    *~Real Heroes Don't Wear Capes; They Wear Dog Tags~*
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