FS Purple Ruffled Cake Tablecloth

A dark purple/eggplant tablecloth I made for my cake table. It is made of rich satin fabric. It has a double layer of ruffles and gathers around the front. It has two layers of crinoline underneath to make it very full. At the top of four gathers are small fabric rosettes. It fits a 28"-30" round table, standard 30" high. the ruffles cover the fromt 2/3 of the cloth because my cake table was against a wall. Our cake stand also had a round base covered the in the same fabric as the tablecloth, so I can include that with the tablecloth for anyone who is interested.

I am selling the tablecloth for $30, plus free shipping, even though it cost significantly more to make. On the top, in the center of of the cloth is a samll burn mark. It wasn't a problem for me because my cake stand covered it. Also the fabric under the cloth was left unhemmed and pinned on because it could not be seen.

I loved this tablelcoth and recieved a ton of complements on it. I would love for another bride to be able to enjoy it as well.

See the pictures below and if you are interested please e-mail me at [email protected]

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